First Signs of Pregnancy

A week after conception, a woman may experience some symptoms.

In fact, early symptoms of pregnancy vary from woman to woman, and not only, also change from pregnancy to pregnancy.

However, sometimes, when there is anxiety in design, some kind of another illness or event, some signals can be easily confused with those of pregnancy.

The most common symptoms of early pregnancy are lack of time, headaches, sore breasts, nausea and pain in the lower back.

The First Indication of a Pregnancy

About 6 to 12 days of after fertilization occurs the implantation of the egg in the uterine wall and, at this point, there may be some bleeding, being this the first sign of pregnancy (pregnancy definitions: The egg when implementing the wall of the uterus, can cause bleeding, and this is sometimes accompanied by some pain

First Signs of Pregnancy

similar to the period, however, some women do not experience any symptoms. So if you don’t feel any of this, doesn’t mean I’m not pregnant.

Other causes for these symptoms: menstruation, changes in the contracetiva pill, infection, abrasion of the sexual act.

Change or Delay in Menstruation

The most common sign of a pregnancy is the lack of menstrual period. However, some women are still losing blood at the time of menstruation, even after being pregnant, however, this type of bleeding is shorter and lighter than normal period.

Other causes for these symptoms: excessive weight gain or loss, fatigue, hormonal problems, stress, modifications to take the pill, disease, breastfeeding.

Increased Volume and/or Sensitivity of the Breast

The increase in the volume and sensitivity of the breast is another symptom that may arise around the first or second week after conception. Sore breasts and/or more frequent symptoms are swollen in many pregnant women.

Other causes for these symptoms: hormonal imbalance, contracetiva pill, premenstrual syndrome.


Feel tired or lack of energy is another symptom that occurs early, and may appear about to 1 week after conception.

Other causes for this symptom: stress, depression, flu, lack of sleep or another disease that makes you feel tired or exhausted.

Nausea, Morning Sickness

This symptom is very common, and usually appears between the second and the eighth week after conception. Fortunately, some women do not suffer from this symptom, not having to deal with the morning sickness during all or a large part of the pregnancy.

Other causes for these symptoms: food poisoning, stress, change in contracetiva pill, stomach-related problems.


The pain in your lower back is another of the common symptoms in early pregnancy, and may extend throughout the pregnancy.

Other causes for these symptoms: premenstrual tension, stress, muscle problems or column.


The increase in the hormone levels in the body of a pregnant woman can cause headaches in early pregnancy.

Other causes for these symptoms: dehydration, lack of caffeine, premenstrual syndrome, vision problems, ingestion of foods that cause headaches.

Frequent Urge to Urinate

Around 6 to 8 weeks after conception, you may begin to feel urge to urinate more than usual.

Other causes for these symptoms: urinary tract infection, diabetes, increased fluid intake, diuretics.

Darkening of the Areolas Mammaries

To get pregnant, the skin around the nipples darkens.

Other causes for these symptoms: hormonal imbalance, effects of a prior pregnancy.