First Google Android Smartphone

As he had so far on partners to supply its Nexus, Google is reportedly developing its first smartphone, designed from A to Z in-house.

Since launching its Nexus range in 2010, Google has consistently called on third party manufacturers to design its smartphones and tablets. Never the American group is engaged in the manufacture of A to Z of a Nexus device; instead, he preferred to rely on companies with experience, both from HTC, LG, Samsung, Asus, Huawei and Motorola.

But in the near future, this policy could be set to change. According to the information of Telegraph , the Mountain View company is almost ready to launch its first terminal without assistance from another manufacturer. It would be a first because Google was satisfied so far to issue general guidelines for products intended for the Nexus range.

The possibility of a “Google Phone” will not sign provided the disappearance of the company’s projects with industrial partners. Although LG is currently suspended cooperation with Google in order to devote himself to his own interests, others are in the running: the rumors suggest eg HTC’s contribution for a mobile future Nexus, but also that of Huawei.

According to our colleagues from the Telegraph, this first phone entirely by Google must make its appearance by the end of the year. So it seems that this is not linked to WhereverSmartphone, the name of this project modular smartphone that should revolutionize the way users utilize and evolve their terminal. Indeed, the Ara project must become concrete next year.