First Check: Nokia E7

With the E7, Nokia has introduced a Symbian 3 model with full keyboard that has what it takes to replace the elderly Communicator.

With a long-drawn, “It’s cheap!” the outgoing Ansi Vanjoki of head of Smartphone tried his last product presentation for Nokia to take the wind out of the sails of the scoffers. 124 x 62 x 14 mm are not for your pocket, and so the Nokia E7 has legitimate claim on the Communicator succession – because the first according to Nokia Smartphone in the world was always one of the biggest mobile phones at all. Nokia but waives the epithet and has transformed the design something, yet what has always been the Communicator is the E7: a business smartphone.

Slide instead fold

Instead hitherto longitudinal fold on the device, the display in landscape mode at the Nokia E7 is pushed upwards and engages in the 30-degree angle. The mechanism which we know by the N97, made a solid impression already in the preliminary series device. Total wirktdas E7 in its metal housing quality; as for the N8, the battery is built-in – about a shaky cover nobody must get angry so, the rapid change of the energy bar is not possible for this. If the 1200 mAh power storage for intensive use survives a day must be seen.

Especially the 4-inch capacitive, say touch-sensitive touch screen, comprising models such as at all featured Symbian-3 – 360 x 640 pixels wants to be supplied with electricity. The competition provides partly higher resolutions, but the AMOLED screen is bright strong, shows strong colors and is still legible even at oblique angles. When closed, the display orientation is automatically adjusted.

The modified shape WINS Nokia more space for the display, loses place when compared to the good old Communicator but for the keyboard. Instead of a typographic keyboard users as for Smartphones have to settle common with a four-line layout, a keypad is integrated into it; also the keys for umlauts are missing. Who can live with it, gets a successful text input to the hand, tap quickly and reliably in the first test was with the. The pushers respond to gentle pressure, are slightly increased significantly from each other.

Designed for business

Closed the Nokia E7 looks like an enlarged N8, and also in terms of facilities the two take almost anything. The clearest difference is found on the back: the camera lacks a Flash and it records video in VGA resolution (640 x 480 pixels); a disadvantage is that the nominal resolution of the photo is 8 instead of 12 mega pixels.

Otherwise the Nokia E7 is the N8 in nothing. Also here an HDMI output found above, to play saved videos in HD resolution on a television set on the device. The E7 also offers a handy feature that we have seen anywhere else yet: Flash drives and other storage devices can be connected via USB to the E7 and recognised this as an external drive.

What is missing: the memory of 16 GB you can not extend. The Nokia E7 the vorins installed software becomes a real business smartphone. Also quick office as well as the F-secure security software is so in addition to mail for Exchange on board. The address book contains countless details per contact and was once again extended to some fields for social networks such as Facebook with Symbian 3.

In the first test, the Nokia E7 liquid responded that the large representation of the user interface makes it easier. The E7 will be many to “cheap”, Communicator-fans can look forward to compensation for their old bones