Fifth Pregnancy and Twins

After having told the story of their pregnancies and every day of her maternity through its Youtube Channel (Verdeliss), Estefi offers us this beautiful video of a precipitate vaginal twin birth I just saw full and it has left me thrilled.

He has four children (Aimar, Irati, Laia and Julen). It is her fifth pregnancy and this time come twins, Eider and Anne, who was born with 36 weeks gestation in a super fast delivery that although it was planned that a home birth, had to rush to the hospital.

The couple was ready to give birth at home. An inflatable bathtub installed in the room that did not dive, a Chair of births and all the necessary elements for a home birth, but will yield around so fast that he ended up giving birth in the hospital.

“Just get birth let me know it with a sneeze will leave”, had warned him the matron. And said and done. After just 30 minutes of active labor it entered a phase of pregnancy without waiting for the matron who was two hours from his home.

Contractions lasting 2 minutes and repeated at intervals of one minute, so in view of this birth precipitated they decided to go to the hospital.

A normal delivery usually last between 6-18 hours from the first contraction until the moment of the birth of the baby, while precipitated in a birth or delivery fast process takes less than three hours. The multiparity and prematurity are major cause of this type of delivery. Congratulations to the family by the arrival of twins!!