Faux Fur Coats

Coat faux fur or not at all? If for some, the answer is very clear, there are those who let themselves gradually win by doubt over the seasons. Make the point once and for all!

When the trend has resurfaced a few winters ago we first said no, that it would not pass by us and point bar. In 2011, the mode of fully covered with fake fur coats is still there and if some still appear a categorical refusal, it is already less safe for others. Their warmth and their cozy side we are envy, very well but can we yield too easily to the Eskimo look and how?

Assume the Yeti/Gorilla box

I am not telling you anything, even the more Sylph models will look out of the jungle in black fur or the end bottom of the Himalayas in white fur. It is a fact, it’s like, coat faux fur to assume his double in volume and his hair that gives us a wild a bit silly side.

So short and longhaired coats are not really indicated for round girls. If you’re small on the contrary, avoid versions long coats at the risk of sounding the cousin thing.

Trend 2011: the fake fur of color. Level of difficulty: it is much more difficult to match. Unless you have a wardrobe to 90% in the black tones, made rather overlook this mode.

A coat in fur, but how?

If you have completed the large fleece Cape and you assume perfectly from King Kong who is in you, the goal now will be to mitigate it with your outfit.

On the one hand, of the heels, while small, or offset quite ease the Tassé effect of the fur coat. If you want a look more grunge and rock, the rangers or the bikers boots pass without any problems with slim jeans and hair on top.

Must also differentiate the coats longhaired and shorthaired. Those hairsheep generally rather a teddy bear look, in Brown shades and sometimes leopard. They look softer than the long shaggy hair that poor quality, can very quickly makecheap.

If don’t mind a short coat for the winter, opt for this instead of focus on a long coat that will hide all your outfit (a dress be more feminine for example) and you won’t resemble a cluster of hairs on legs only. So, ok, that’s very good and very hot countries such as Canada, by a gust of blizzard or at 2000 m altitude in the Alps but for urban use, this isn’t there is more necessary.

Alternatives or watered-down versions

If there is still too much hair for your taste and for the followers of the echancrage, there is the solution of the coat with faux fur collar, cuffs or just the removable collar.

More discreet and so easier to take, it overcomes perfectly to the desires of sweetness and heat. Besides that with some models, you can even happen scarf.

Then, you think? Are you part of the irreducible or fool-you have to coat fake fur this year?