Fashion Shopping in New York

If Paris is the capital of fashion, New York is surely that of shopping! The Big Apple is full of shops of all kinds, of the huge benchmark fashion to the small temple of the vintage, there are everything and at all prices.

And once my feet across the Atlantic, the idea of changing style tickled me mind. Lifestyle change, change of look! I decided to go on a shopping session, a day to explore the shops looking for authentic and chic clothes. Narrative of this journey fringuesque or my quest for the vintage in a strange land.

1:00 pm: the shops on Mott Street

My shoulder bag and my Converse loosely laced, I go down the street without much conviction. Must say that Mott Street seems, at first glance, very, very much influenced by the Chinatown community-understand: it smells shrimp and outside of the Chinese new year or an evening disguised on the theme of the Blue Lotus I would not bet a peanut on this neighborhood. Big mistake. As I walked the streets, of adorable small shops popping up, me with a unanimous appeal: “come get happiness!” These signs of zinc intrigue me, I resist three seconds for the honor then I crack and go quickly inside…

Here, from jewelry to lingerie through lavish coats in silk, everything makes me want to but the prices of items quickly curbs my appetite (account 150 dollars for a simple necklace). Not resigned, I’ll wander between Prince and Broome Street when I come nose to nose with a myth: Ze “Hotel Venus by Patricia Field”, the same Patricia who gave his ‘special touch’ to the heroines of Sex and the City ! I inspects his junk shop: Accessories are kitschissimes and humorous (pom-poms, shoes or Teddy bear plastic pendants), as for the clothes and underwear that is completely crazy, sometimes dared and often completely unwearable. I leave the shop with a bracelet in the shape of handcuffs, one of the articles the most prudish and discreet I could find…

3:00 pm: A the discovery of Lower East Side

But let’s: my objective of the day is not to be a child kind hidden Philippe Katerine and Teki Latex look, I leave in my hunt for vintage chic. I wanders the streets of the Lower East Side when a shop in the basement intriguing. Guided by my only flair, I’m walking down the stairs and landed in a kind of cave of Ali Baba version vintage of my dreams. It is the pleasant surprise of the day. My eyes no longer know where to look or what to stop. I hesitate between an old bag in leather color camel trend South America (all simply splendid) and a pair of clear camel boots (camel attracts me and then?) Each vices!) crocodile leather. Once the boots to my feet, I don’t ask anymore questions. For $ 80 (about € 55), let someone else would have been a heinous crime, the style of homicide with aggravating circumstances that my wardrobe would not forgive me…

I know, it looks great, but be careful: If the neighborhood is full of nests to rarities, it must know to look. Here, point of mundane items or dirty old viewed 1001 times Paris flea. No, here we only offers ‘parts’, pieces chosen from more or less distant eras and much regretted. Thus, you find everything: the former Gucci and Vuitton bags, coats in PVC, glasses dating back to Methuselah, furs (real and fake)… In short, the worst as the best, ridicule is not a non-existent term for these signs. It must be said that in New York, side look, we know respect differences. No ridicule, no eyes cross or criticism, everyone dresses as he wants without having to worry about the appearances. It is thus that intoxicated by the spirit of places, I find myself trying some pretty fanciful stuff: olive green pin-up in lace lingerie set and Navy blue tunic, sequined minidresses printed with polka dots or striped style 50 years and dresses shoes satin coordinated. An hour later, items are piled up in my dressing room and without that the saleswoman to see me, I put back them in place as discreetly as possible.

6:00 pm: review the afternoon

After fifteen shops, three pairs of shoes (Golden shoes, black wedge shoes and boots camelles), bracelet cuffs, a gray sweater and a vest mi poncho mi bat, my card screams stop and my legs too. On the way home with all my packages, I looks like Pretty Woman shopping on Hollywood Boulevard (the waders and less) session. New York is full of beautiful shops that smell good vintage (particularly RADIUS shoes…) but who are unfortunately sometimes not accessible to everyone. If dream remains free, the cost of a New York vintage wardrobe remains quite high. Is not vintage who wants!

Some good addresses:

Hotel Venus by Patricia Field: 382 West Broadway (between Prince and Broome Street)

The Di: 147 Orchard Street (between Stanton and Rivington Street)

Peggy forgiveness: 153 Ludlow St. (between Houston and Stanton Street)

Frock: 148 Orchard St (between Stanton and Rivington Street)

Edith Machinist: 104 rivigton

Ellen: 122 Ludlow Street