Fashion Design Study in London

The editor mode of madmoiZelle was fortunate to study fashion in London. Today she made you share his experience and practical tips!

Before you come over madmoiZelle, I was predestined to work in a Design Office. To quickly summarize my journey, I had a fairly common training: an upgrade of Applied Arts in la Martiniere Lyon Diderot, a BTS Fashion Design in the school of the Cholet Mode then a license Mode and high Technologies still in the city of the handkerchief. As part of this license that I had the opportunity to fly study in my beloved City: London.

How to apply? Why is it different from French schools? Is that worth it? Let’s go across the channel, I’ll tell you everything.

A great privilege

First, he must know that all schools of fashion in France do not have Erasmus programme or partnership with foreign schools.

I had the chance to fall into a school that offers a partnership of dingoes as big I went to study at the London College of Fashion, school that belongs to the University of The Arts in London that also hosts the prestigious Central Saint Martins.

To study at the famous CFL, English students must pay the  sum of £9,000 per year (the equivalent of € 10,000) whereas the Erasmus programme has allowed me to integrate the class for free.

Suffice to say that the places are worth their weight in cashew: on a class of 30 girls, four of us were selected on file and letter of motivation to get to the second half of the class BA Fashion Sportswear, we have not chosen.

The University offers a whole bunch of courses dedicated to the business of fashion: long term, short term, upgrade, training… each one chooses the formula that suits him. The courses are also open to foreign students for a fee of £13,000, or a kidney, it’s like you want to.

A rewarding experience

Arriving for the first time in the premises, I softly dreaming: the building, worthy of the premises of a major magazine, is located in the Oxford Street, the London shopping street (spend everyday in front of Topshop = effective exercise of self-control ).

Through the door of my new promo, I must confess that I was not too smart: beyond having to socialise with 15 strangers who know each other already for three years, it took I sociabilise with 15 strangers in a language that is not mine. I who thought I had a good level of English, I quickly became disillusioned before the fast flow of the most beautiful accent of the world (for my taste).

If I highly recommend the experience abroad is because, in addition to work your ear and perfect your skills in the language of Shakespeare, This is the best way to develop your technical vocabulary. When you work in fashion, it is always brought to communicate in English, with suppliers or models for example: materials, cuts, fabrics, processes… master the technical vocabulary this is a big big plus on your resume.

Regarding training, each semester class is working with a great brand to get ready for the best environmental pro. Under the program, so I created a mini collection in partnership with the brand of boxing Lonsdale London.

To achieve it, I had to my disposal three months, a sewing machine and a schedule very very light : twelve hours great max a week, I had a lot of time to work next door . Sewing rooms were made available and teachers voluntarily came to help us.

This is what struck me the most marked, this relationship between teachers and students: in France, I always did it as a relationship of teacher to student so thatin England the teachers treat you like their colleague.

The climate is extremely relaxed briefs and class looks more like a young company that a class itself, which is really trainer to learn how to work in teams.

As a French student in London, I discovered a new culture, a new way of working, a new approach to fashion, and as a result, I had a lot more dropped in my creative process.

And I will not hide my resume did really well: If you reproached me not out of a great Parisian school, things have changed after that. To tell you during one of my internships in style in Paris Office, my boss is called me by my first name but ‘the girl who was in London’ (not that I cautionnais this new blaze huh). If you have the opportunity to do an internship or work abroad, go for it: it really opens doors.

Some tips before you go

  • Before taking off for London, plan an adequate budget. The British capital is very expensive, especially in terms of rents and transport (oddly Primark and Superdrug, fine). Some areas provide University scholarships, but sometimes a small job as a waitress or saleswoman is welcome. Elsewhere the string of pastry Paul recruits many frenchies across the channel.
  • Internships in England are not paid: to get his little experiment is a good plan but do not rely on a training course in style office to get the pounds in the wallet!
  • If you have the chance to live or to go through London, notice that almost all the museums are free. And in terms of mode, the Victoria & Albert Museum is unmissable.

So far, my experience in London is probably the best time of my life. So if you have any other questions, do not hesitate, I could talk about our London neighbours all the livelong day!