Fashion Collections Inspired by Travel

If trends can sometimes surprise us, it is the classic that it is even more surprising to see back, again and again… So each spring, get out of the flowers you want here and summer in view, no surprise to see (and review) the sea or travel inspired collections. Few surprises when certain influences, but currents and interpretations that reinvent themselves to infinity-and all the better for me, otherwise I have to find another job. Mouhahaha.

So Lo and behold, yachting is back in force for sunny days: pants to bridges (good thing the size goes back), the print seafaring spirit, anchors, ropes, etc. This smells like the sea, remains to be seen how it is preferred. The coast of Brittany to the yachting club of St. Tropez, take right now for the nautical trend spring-summer 2008. 3 programmes:

Jet 27, offshore and lightweight skewers of sushi

Let’s go baby! Jump in a car floating direction Miami Bay where everyone has white teeth and a trendy look. Exit the natural tuna, fish here have become snobs. There’s no way to be straight and out the bob or the merguez, even in the middle of the ocean we do not let go.

The concept: nautical Yes, but mode too!

The fisherman mode okay, but not to the point of turning into Popeye badly shaped discount. We therefore believe the flare Jean (gross, it marries perfectly with the duo Navy Blue & white), anchors, compasses and other nautical references (which are in aged metal jewelry), to scarves (to wear tip on the revolutionary way of the big wide chest) or well advised serigraphs (bag, t-shirt, sweatshirt, leggings).

Stole stripes and wire, cameo / glasses contrasting blue bands, New Look / offset Mule, Lacoste / T-shirt printed lines and scratches, Diesel / bag Tote “Transat Carlton Normandy’, Just Campagne / necklace nautical pendants, Urban Outfitters / Jean high waist, Asos.

Bollée of cider, chahutier and fresh fish auction

All on the deck! We put the sails towards the Breton coast: its giant seagulls, its revenues from Grandma stolen by Piii-losers, its festou watered and rocks covered of mussels plush. Molluscs have not that behave, cooked in salted butter, we’ll make a mouthful. Yum.

The concept: nautical Yes, but cute too!

Captain Haddock as fashion icon? No way. If the girls have long been adverse on the boats (fishing mucho macho superstition), today they are taking their revenge: marine stripes you want there’s frilly, kitsch jewellery and charms assorted fish…You said girly, girly?

Champagne, yacht and caviar on sofas

The siren sounds, it’s time to embark on a yacht of luxury for a relaxing away from the paparazzi and all our worries cruise: what color for marble of my pool? What time to fix an appointment with Alexander? And for the evening of the Rockefeller, I take the Bentley or Jaguar? Dense, but where is spent my vibrator? Hello, Massimoooo?

The concept: nautical Yes, but chic too!

The sea agreement, but more on the Pacific Princess on a wreck who wouldn’t even find buyer on eBay… It is inspired by the costumes of the Navy (white, Golden keys and discrete stripes) rather than fishermen in wax. The recipe: accessorize a classic look by some PREPPY notes (bow in the hair, jewelry gold, chic bag…).

White Classic bag, Bata / ring earrings gold, Asos / Golden knot, Accessorize flipflops / pin knot of Ribbon under button, Dolly Dagger / necklace rope knot and beads, New Look / shorts to white bridge, La Redoute / Top collar sailor, Asos / sunglasses, H & M.