Fashion and Jewelery from France

Now that we have it, the spring, I can finally realize an idea that has haunted me for a whole time. I would like to start a little blog series, where I take you on a journey that takes us to our European neighbors and to other corners of the world. For in spring, the desire for something new awakens in us. Curiously, we are going on exciting paths, letting us in on trends and have much better mood for the season. We are much more outside and want to leave the old winter bog behind us as soon as possible. Most of us will use spring cleaning to get rid of the wardrobe. And since empty stains in the closet do not make good, we fill up with new clothes again. Away from trends that come and go, there are also trends or styles that remain. These are not infrequently inspired by certain cultures. Famous example: France. The home of haute couture and good food. And since both are inseparably united in France, I dedicate today’s blog to French fashion and to conclude there is also a recipe for delicious French food obendrauf. It will be elegant, chic and sweet.

1. The fashion of the French

I would now go out on the street and ask 10 people which nation they would combine with a great fashion style, then surely 9 out of 10 people would answer: France.This is somehow anchored in us.One does not have to have much with fashion on the hat.France equals style.Not only in fashion, but also in art, architecture and eating.Does not mean, in vain, “life like God in France”.The French seem to see the light of the world with a tremendous sense of style.Not all of them apply it.But there seems to be proportionally many well-dressed people in one spot.Since you become quickly envious and would at least want to look at their style.

The French style is distinguished by the fact that it is classically distinctive and always very noble, but nevertheless easy to come by.With it you can effortlessly sip from the bistro to the banquet in the Louvre.You never work over- or underdressed.Better to invest in the outfit, even if you have to save on the rest.This can sometimes lead to a Chanel-born creature dwelling with precious jewelery from Dior in a tiny dugout.Sure an extreme example, but it happens more often than you think.It does not matter to the French to show the brands.No, that would be too easy for a Frenchman.It depends on the quality that is hidden behind it.What parents and grandparents have already worn with elegance can not be bad.High-quality fabrics, best materials and a very good workmanship are the essentials. Even in the coldest winter, a French woman will most likely avoid replacing the chic woolen coat with a functional winter jacket in a sporty style.The French are so perfectly dressed, but they do not exaggerate.Are not perfect, do not even want that.There is always a small detail that is not perfect.They want to emphasize their personality and show that they have their own head.And do not let your head twist.A high-quality silk blouse with a few folds.Or an antique haarklemme, which can not prevent the hairstyle is easily bewildered.Looks like a coincidence, but it is not.Behind it is a lot of work and calculation.

2. Jewelry and accessories in French style

Clear thing, French love jewelry.Point.And they are brave.But all this is within limits.They are open to new trends but do not want to exaggerate.This applies not only to trends, but to jewelry and accessories in general.While one can easily show what one has, one does not want to glitter and sparkle like a Christmas tree.Ring, necklace and earrings in combination?Rather not.For example, if a French woman wears a necklace , she will not wear a conspicuous earring.The collier should be in the focus, the rest is subordinate.So if you will meet a lady in Paris, who is dressed like a Christmas tree, she is 99% not a French girl.French women want to be noticed for what they are.And not superficial for what they wear.Of course, they are not averse to bling-bling, but they must not be distracted by their person.They place their natural elegance in the foreground and have a high opinion of themselves. That is why they attach so much importance to what they adorn.It must be high-quality.But they would not dream to mention it, and with their expensive accessories striking under the nose of foreign peers.They do not admit it openly, but they spend a lot of time devoting themselves to their outward appearance.Ultimately, the overall package is to be agreed.In addition to the outfit and jewelery, this also includes a make-up symbolizing naturalness and femininity.But the effort, the behind it is not again looks.

Hm, sounds complicated.But I think, if you grow up in a society in which such a styling is quite everyday for children, then you see in it normality.And I like that.You pay attention, but is not too much in the scene.One does not disguise itself by following every trend.Rather, it is based on classics and blends them skillfully with a new it-piece.And so it evolves constantly.Très chic, madame!

3. Delicious Jewelery:French Chocolate Chocolates

And now a little extra to the end.I can not write a blog about France, without at least a prescription from its rich repertoire to share.I often have a sweet tooth, her too?Oh, then you will love the following recipe!I have here a recipe for warm chocolate chocolates that will have you in other dimensions.Just try it out!

For the French chocolate chocolates you need:

  • 125 grams of sugar, butter and dark chocolate
  • 4 eggs, 60 grams of flour
  • Fat (butter) for the molds, 8 fire-resistant/oven-proofed coffee cups or other small forms
  • possibly some powdered sugar for the finished chickens

While chopping the chocolate to pieces, you heat the oven to 200 ° C.Now place the chocolate with the butter in a metal bowl and melt the chocolate over the hot water bath.Keep stirring all the time.Immediately take the water bath when the chocolate is melted and put aside.Now put your sugar and eggs in a bowl and stir them frothy.This mass then draws her spoon-like under the chocolate and sieves to finish the flour.Grease the molds, fill the dough and bake the chocolate chickens in the oven for about 10 minutes.The cakes should not be baked, the liquid core inside is a must.

And now comes the best part:You do not have to wait until the cakes have cooled down.These French chocolate chocolates must be eaten warm.If you like, you can sprinkle some powdered sugar over it before serving.Well then, bon appétit!