Fall Leaves Mason Jar Candle

Autumn is the time when the days become shorter and the sun we see less and less. Precisely at this time we need light and heat more than ever. This will help candles – very simple, but ingenious invention that allows not only light, but also comfort. Many of us associate the flame of the candle with comfort, romance – and at the same time something mysterious. Even ordinary dinner will be special if the table is set and light candles.


They can create both romantic and festive atmosphere. Autumn is rich in various natural materials that can be used for decoration of candles and candle holders. Autumn colored leaves perhaps deserve special attention this season. Excellent looks every glass vessel decorated with their help. So today remzfamily will show you how you can make candlestick leaves.

Autumn leaves (natural or artificial) 
PVA glue (decoupage glue) 
A small piece of foam or a small piece of sponge 
Sable brown paper strips or ribbons for decoration 

Wipe jar with alcohol to get rid of grease and dirt. Then start to order and attach the leaves to the outside of the jar, fixing them with glue. The small piece of foam will serve you if you need to spend air remained under a leaf before it is stuck completely. Tape around the jar with leaves. To become more beautiful candelabra tie strip of corrugated brown paper around the neck of the jar. Done! You can put inside a candle and lit it. Make several candles and decorate your home with them.