Falk Vision 700

At the top, the air is thin – otherwise 1, where not only the wind beats the leading hard against the glass, but also the constantly thrusting Tracker from behind make pressure on a mountain peak being in the formula. Here to survive, it makes everything better than the competition either or has the better gear.

  1. Falk vision 700
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Or both – then it will of course expensive. Vision 700 is the new Falk with a price of around 360 euros given the to mobile phones to the part even free competition extremely confident at the start, that’s why expect high-class performances and an excellent equipment justifiably.

The hardware

The Falklands is not disappointed. With its silver frame, it is chic and elegant. The display is plan and inserted seamlessly at the front of the unit and stable housing. Yet grab quality that can keep vision 700 with some competition from the same price range. This also applies to the conventional touch screen, one has first of all a better accustomed to – seems insensitive and slow. The same figure for the mount: The Falk comes with a practical magnetic holder in the Navi light and tired of snaps. The construct is stable, but also somewhat chunky.

The facilities

At the Falk vision 700, you will find a round trim package: maps update subscription, voice control, hands-free and premium TMC can also offer it as the pedestrian navigation with integration of public transport. Multimedia functions Falk of the vision has 700 games and an MP3 player bought, to a travel guide. As a special feature satellite images as background available, complete Germany for eight cities in Germany and two in Austria and five more cities in Austria can be purchased. An online connection is missing the Falklands.

The handling

The resistive touchscreen of the Falk vision 700 reacts somewhat imprecise, the buttons are relatively small and the screen design looks a bit old-fashioned. It succeeded in the menu itself, the tip paths are always slightly long. Voice activated one at your fingertips and then it can speak one of the displayed options. The detection is good – but not quite perfect.

The route guidance

The Computing speeds of the Falk vision 700 can be seen. The Falk has a height model which was implemented but slightly more exaggerated and is out of focus in the near term. Here the special destinations that exist only in 2-D mode is missing – the satellite images are displayed only in the top view. The use of aerial photographs is doubtful: on the one hand, the view is well implemented, the route stands out well from the background out and scroll liquid. On the other hand, the appearance contributes little to the overview. Where the Falk vision 700 can put to the test, is the audible guidance. The full and very precise speech brings a high level of security.

The routes

The algorithms routing, not more statically Falk anticipates the data present in the maps, but consults day time-dependent traffic flow information. Falk calls this “smart road” and “learning navigation” – the Navi intersects with the route and synchronized via the Internet with routes other drivers. One should be always on the move so ideal and quickest route. The Falk vision 700 displays multiple routes on request. When choosing a route that was guilty Falk little or nothing at all.


The Falk vision 700 with among the best Navigation systems are currently on the market. It comes therefore but every now and then rustically something and offers little optical incentive, convinced but on the street and offers many facilities. Thus it can pin the predicate “very good” on the chest.

Data sheet

The read setting monitor contrast / angle /
Alternative route / manual storage function /
Show current street name / next /
Display distance / time to destination /
dynamic navigation TMC / TMC Pro / GSM / /
Color display / diagonal screen size (inch) / 4.3
Map / 3D /
Crossing / auto zoom /
Representation of the arrow / map can /
Route choice short / fast /
Route exclusion toll roads / ferries /
Speed dial / configurable /
Additional cards available
Number of special target groups 48
Travel guide function / include / Yes with lyrics
Custom POIs / POI warning function can be used /
Track info text & map /
Destination input house number / intersection / postal code / /
Destination entry POI location / destination /
Destination entry milestones
Destination entry letter suppression / selection /
Destination input map / coordinates /
Destination entry last destinations (more than one)
Target store editable
Interfaces BT USB audio
Total storage / memory space (MB) internally 4000
Connectivity accessories
Audio sound control / DSP /
CC / CD / MP3 / /
DVD-video / DAB / DVB-T / /
Email / SMS functionality /
GSM connection possible / integrated /
Telematics features analog / digital /
Image / video Viewer / camera / /


Test results
Equipment Cap 100 very good (87)
Navigation 70 70
Communication 20 13
Entertainment 10 4
Handhabungmax. 150 outstanding (144)
Operation 60 59
Destination entry 60 58
System speed 20 20
Voice control 10 7
Guidance up to 150 very good (135)
acoustic guidance 50 48
optical guidance 75 65
Positioning accuracy 25 22
Route calculation MAX 100 very good (91)
Overland 30 30
City 30 29
dynamically 40 32
JUDGMENT Max 500 457 very good
Price / performance satisfactory
tested in issue: 08 / 10