Fake Leather Jackets

Totally Excited About The New Colors Of Autumn Fashion 2013.

Therefore I must strike this autumn/winter particularly the so-called gemstone colors (Ruby Red, mustard yellow, forest green, Royal Blue), where I can. That is to push my predominantly black wardrobe a lot.Especially since I got anyway more appetite for color lately. Look at.

Also, I want a cool leather jacket in red or green. Because leather jackets are hard to get in large sizes I must probably Dodge leather jacket on a fake.

I am struck when Samoon.

Samoon is the large size Department from the House of Gerry Weber. You to the online shop of Samoon here:

Gerry Weber is mainly classical, high-quality fashion for the mature woman. For young wild things (like me;-)) usually is.

With a few trendy pieces that matter are:

1 Art Leather Jacket Biker Style.

Cool cut and nice look. To have black or Teal. Size 42-54, 139,95 EUR.

I would like to show pictures, but you know… (the watchdog story) So here the link: pop leather jacket (come again!;-)) Just still photos come!)

The only thing bothers me about this jacket is the snippet. The high-necked revers, which can be closed with buttons are the downside to biker jackets. May be convenient to ride your motorcycle, me is rather an open neckline that stretches and shows a little skin. That doesn’t work in this style motorcycle outerwear.

So: keep looking!

And Lo and behold! I want something like this:

  1. Leather Jacket In Ruby Red

Finally, a leather jacket with an open lapel. I agree with that too, but I do not have. It is also lightly fitted (a must for all!) and the asymmetrical zipper is also not without. So bring it!

I have ordered them in size 50, that is always the right choice for tops.Here I’m afraid not. As you can see in the photos is too far on the shoulders and the sleeves are too long (while I’m not really small!).

She’s rather narrow cut the protruding hips, therefore a number would bring less also nix me. Then I no longer would get to them.

I like the colour very well, which was exactly the right thing: A rich red, easily in the raspberry, so a cooler shade of red.

Side, stretchy strips of fabric are incorporated. I find both practical, because it improves the fit and can regulate the distance, on the other hand also somehow derogatory. A ‘proper’ leather jacket does not have something like that and it must look so like not everyone that my jacket is a fake.

Bottom line: If the leather jacket would have fit me well I would have kept it (would have’d bike chain).

The cut, the length, and the details are good for jackets in large sizes. The color is, the material gets even from very far away: “Leather!”. So not too cheaply made. About when a proud price of €139,95 yes even more beautiful!

Because I looked like a Prizefighter, but she must again join return home.Sorry. Bye bye love leather jacket!

Do you like it? If you have a V-shape (broad cross, narrow hips) then she would be right for you.

To red? There are the fake leather jacket in Pebble (grey Beige).