Eyeliner For Beginners

I keep hearing that many women do not dare to try an eyeliner on the movable lid. There are various methods – by Kajal eye color, by felt-tip pens, Federapplikator up to liquid eyeliner, which is applied with a thin brush.

My experience with

  • Eye liner: Can look good, is with me but always wide, must be fixed with eye shadow not stamped on the upper eyelid.
  • Pens: dry out too quickly.
  • Federapplikator: Work, are in the wide rope between quite thin and wide difficult to dispense.
  • Liquid eyeliner: is me too.

The solution: Gel eyeliner

For quite some time, there are also gel eyeliner on the cosmetics market. Because photos of very attract me, for example, in the book by Bobbi Brown, I bought recently which. Since the dealer of my confidence is backstage – most of the products are very good – it was their Luxe cream eyeliner in mahogany. It is a soft Mocha Brown – has almost the color of Nutella.

I am very impressed by the handling of this EYELINERS. It is simple to put on, easy to dispense in width and holds all day. Only cons:it is very tedious to make-up off and the brush must be cleaned immediately after use, because he otherwise dries and the hair would later break.

Usual eyeliner brushes are suitable for applying. While I prefer which with synthetic hair because of frequent cleaning and moisture in the product. I use a tightly-bound lipstick brush (backstage B13) with tapering hair, I just otherwise not have used quite pragmatically. This works very well. The brush I dive in with circular movements in the gel excess color times briefly on the back of the hand and then draw the eyeliner in desired width on the Lashline. In the photo I’m outwards be it wide.

This gel eyeliner absolutely for beginners is suitable, as beautypically.com recommends. So trust you if you have been previously too uncertain.

What is your favorite eyeliner?