Eye Makeup like Angelina Jolie

Eye makeup of Angelina Jolie recently characterized by a very glamorous eyeliner, rather pointed at the ends of the eyes. This look combines it with a nude look very flattering in his sensual lips, make-up, according to some sources, with a bar of out of print Guerlain only manufactured for her. But those are just rumors. Today I’m going to give a few tips on how make you eyes as she.

First of all there is that prepare the eyelid. You can use a MAC Paint either, just a little concealer or makeup. If you use makeup, then apply loose or compact powders and retirad the rest so that it does not form lumps. If your eyelid is not too fatty, I just a few compact powder lightly applied with tassel.

Once prepared the two eyelids sit next to a table, support elbow about the same to stabilize the pulse and follow a line straight as close as possible to the lash line. You must lay it to the outside of the eyelid approximately one centimeter, and load it into its final stretch in the measure that you want to make the look more intense. There are very easy to apply eyeliners and baratitos, as of Rimmel.

It uses a dark shadow (as MAC false eyelashes listed on Relationshipsplus) to delineate the bottom of lashes, with a suitable brush or with a cotton swab. It binds the blurred line with eyeliner on the top. Gives it the finishing touch the mascara: two layers and ready. I recommend Dior Iconic, which we discussed in sweeping.