Eye Makeup: Leopard Animal Print

As we showed in a previous article we can put an imprint of animal designs on your nails, you can also apply the same idea in the eyes with just a few basics of makeup and a good dose of creativity and cleaning. In this article, we present a step by step for a look that will not go unnoticed by anyone.

The professional makeup artist Jordan Freedom revealed a bold style to use in nights of party, Halloween or any occasion where you could use the Leopard eyes electrifying. In a tutorial, with the model Booke Quinn teaches us step by step to get the cats eyes infallibly.

Makeup and tools for Leopard eyes
First to the eyelids:

  • Golden Shadow and eyes wide brush
  • Orange light and shadow brush medium
  • Fine brush to outline
  • Fume eyes brush
  • Black eyeliner in fiber, gel or cream
  • Dark gray eyeliner pencil
  • Black lashes extra volume mask
  • False eyelashes (optional)
  • Brown or black shadow for eyebrows and brush to set them
  • Labial

Step by step eye makeup with Leopard animal print

Before starting any makeup skin should be clean, hydrated and with the applied base and dry.

1- Apply with a brush first on the basis of the entire surface of the eyelid. This will make the makeup adhere better and last much longer without drip or crack. Shall also apply under the eye on the bottom line of the lashes since there there will also be a delineated according to investtops.com.

2- With a thick brush apply the Golden shadow across the contour under the eyebrows without going to the eyelid.

3- With the medium brush apply light orange shadow across the eyelid and then with another brush mix both colors, gold and orange, on bone line where they meet, giving a third more coral in the area.

4- Apply with a brush of eye-liner a thin Golden line at the bottom of the eyelashes to brighten the look.

5- Place the black eyeliner on the eyelid. Only a thin line, which can be made with liquid, fiber or gel. Below, in lacrimal line, also must outline with a lighter tone (grey) and bright.

6- Apply a generous amount of mascara on the upper and lower lashes to give volume and lengthen. The idea is to have a very dramatic look.

7- With the eye already prepared with the color, the art begins. The first to draw the Leopard look, is to use an eyeliner in fiber or a fine brush with black gel eyeliner to make the small black spots on the eyelid. These shouldn’t be too round, but oval and of different sizes. The Center must be left free of paint. Just make the stain without fill. A tip to make it well, is to draw two parentheses () and merge them with the idea to stay as similar as possible. Also you have to realize that these spots should be together. Finally check if both eyes are similar to finalize.

8- To give an even more flamboyant and dramatic appearance, use a brush with dark shadow (Brown or black according to hair color) above the eyebrows. You can also apply the false eyelashes if yours aren’t so long.

9- Once ready the eyes, don’t forget the lips should be colorful, but never so bold with colors like red or Fuchsia. Better to choose peach, coral or only shine.

Animal Makeup

New year is here, summer is here and the new hair trends, clothing, nails and makeup are renewing. And this time the makeup as well as beautiful and fashion are a animal style.

When I say animal is because the animals will be released. But don’t panic thinking that I’m talking about something terrifying, is the new fashion of making some animal tag in your makeup.

Pints to ounces, lists of zebra, cow spotted falls very well and being a good thing, to be able to be presented at parties, dances, theme parties, weddings and other places.

This type of makeup is entirely artistic, and depending on your taste, your face can be very similar to the same animal.

It is important to note that the makeup of an animal is quite striking, but to make her look using lighter and soft blushes to highlight not so much the skin as well as light-colored lipsticks. This will cause the makeup don’t get weird.

Enjoy this new wave of makeup, do as the animal one you like and stay even more beautiful and fashion than you already are!