Eye Makeup for the Day

There are many styles for makeup depending on the time of day, the occasion, your skin tone and your tastes; but there are some basic tips that can help you to choose your eye makeup for the day and that you’ll never go wrong.

1. Concealer

To the start your eye makeup, you must place a little right in the darker parts of your eyelids, this is usually in the area of dark circles, and, occasionally, in the ends. You can apply a little base to standardize the color and then evaluate if you need some concealer. The idea is to make uniform the color of your eyelids.

2. Shadow

The colors of the shadows that are used in the day must be discrete so similar to skin colors such as amber, pale pink, peach, or light brown (depending on your skin tone) will be the best; try to not use Pearlescent or shadows with sparkles. Choose two shades of the same color, one lighter than the other and applies the clearing in the central part of the eye and in the crease of the upper eyelid, the darker tone.

3. Light

Light is ideal to give more liveliness and brightness to your eyes, and the day is essential. Put a little clear shade at the bottom of your eyebrow curve and on the inside corner of your eye; the colors must be of the skin tones very clear to the cream, Matt and which match the tone of your shadow. Take care not to overuse, must be a very discreet touch.

4. Anti-aliasing

Brush clean and medium must soften the shadow tones and light you just put on your eyelids, to which the color is very faint and natural. Only passes over eye brush gently and you’ll see how color is blurring and they are mixing; be careful not to mix or you will lose the effect.

5. Eyeliner

Outlined is what will give definition to your eyes and will that they Excel, so it is a very important part. For the day, outlined must be discreet and simple which makes choosing colors land or very soft and light brown will be the best. Draw a thin line both at the top and bottom of your eye, very close to the eyelashes. You can trace it with a pencil or shadow, avoid delineated liquid since it can be very striking.

6. Tabs

Eyelashes is the part of the eyes that framed them and makes them look larger and more colorful, that is why mascara is of vital importance. Curls your lashes carefully and you aware that they are at the same height on both eyes. Apply a generous amount of mascara with care that is not too much; the darker is the color of your choice, less you must apply because must create a balance with the rest of the eye.

Here are some foolproof tips for your daytime makeup, you can add some variants such as colors you know you favor, but remember that day makeup should never be equal or more striking that that you use at night.