Every Woman Deserves the Pearl Charm

Present in jewelry for centuries, pearls are the favorite gems of delicate and female fans. But you know how they are formed?

In some types of shellfish, when some body irritating (like a grain of sand, for example) penetrates into your interior, they secrete a substance called nacre to coat the attacker and so protect yourself.

The several layers of nacre that are deposited on the intruder form a structure that gives rise to the iridescent pearl. In spite of this organic gem be formed in nature, it can also be created with the interference of man.The vast majority of beads used for making jewelry are cultivated, in a process which lasts from two to three years, depending on the size of bead that you want. After this incubation period, the resulting gem is removed, ready to adorn a beautiful jewel.

Pearly whites are best known and desired, but they can also be found in Golden shades, silver, pink, gray, greenish and the famous Black Pearl, very rare. Another feature appreciated in this gem is the your iridescence, an optical phenomenon that makes it able to reflect different colours in your surface when hit by rays of light.

Just as we love, the beauty of the Pearl also fascinated the ancient civilizations and that has always been present in Mystique, religion, art, folklore, and literature of the most different people associated with fertility, purity and femininity.

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