Essentia Ergonomic Pillow Review

Essentis, the new generation of pillow for demanding back.

Modern life that is characterized by a predominant sitting position causes joint problems in general and back in particular.
This pillow is a real “technological leap” compared to the generation of ergonomic pillows wave.
It was designed specifically for La Boutique du Dos by a renowned osteopath.

The pillow Essentis Cosy can compensate and allow for night recovery; it allows a stretching, a “stretching” of the spine that will lead through a stretch reflex of the dorsal and lumbar.

Thus, the originality of the shape of the pillow Essentis causes a relaxation of the neck and shoulders and relieves pain.

Pillow Features osteopathic Essentis Cosy:

  1. Anti-sloshing Niche for head
  2. Slot for free cervical
  3. Hole avoiding ear compression
  4. Gutter promoting blood circulation

Dimension : 50 x 35 x 10 cm

The material is said to high-quality forms of memory :
heat-sensitive viscoelastic material

By the heat of your body, it deforms and takes the imprint of your anatomy.

This material allows to reduce pressure points and improves circulation.

Moreover, it is a totally breathable material which prevents the excessive sweating problems.

The memory foam that we use for the contact material is made of a special material called open cell. This process produces a “breathable” foam that allows air to pass.

Associated with the material of the cover Coolmax, it has the following three advantages:

  • fully breathable,
  • avoids the uncomfortable sensations of sweating,
  • brings better hygiene.

The pillowcase CoolMax Intense allows less sweat and brings a physical freshness nocturne e and better sleep.

In addition, an ultra thin carbon thread of the body releases the electrostatic tension accumulated during the day, which also promotes better sleep.

The Essentis pillow in form can be used both on the back side that:

  • on the side: the shoulder is received in the notch. The head remains stable without pressure from the pillow.
  • on the back: the head is balanced, the cervical vertebrae are free, stretching and relaxing your neck.

Made in Belgium for La Boutique du Dos

The ESSENTIS® pillow was born from the meeting of an osteopath do (1981), Gerard Guez, a specialist researcher of physical recuperation, and leaders of the high-tech industry in the form of memory foam. This technology represents a revolution in the field of sleep comfort. The pillow osteopathic ESSENTIS® recommended by physiotherapists and osteopaths, is the indispensable complement therapies back, and helps relieve neck tension, your migraines and your insomnia.