Essence Nail Polish “What’s My Name?”

Can you remember my contribution to the new Essence Color & Go nail polish? I had called you my 6 favorites and one of them was the lacquer 130 “What’s my name?”. Thanks to the nice parking meter I am now in possession of this nail polish and would like to present it to you a bit closer today.

Order: Essence Nail Polishes have a wide brush, which I personally like very much. The varnishing thus works very well and the consistency of the varnish was not too tough or too liquid. The lacquer covers well, with two layers it becomes perfect. I have applied an undercoat, two layers of color varnish and the Essence Better Than Gel Nails Top Sealer. With the Top Coat he dried very fast.

Durability: Unfortunately the durability leaves a lot to be desired, as healthknowing tested. I generally seem to have a problem with durability with the new Essence paints, but this time it was extreme. Already the second day I had slight tipwear, which is particularly noticeable with such a dark lacquer of course very quickly. On the fourth day there were then also larger splinterings and I was able to partially remove the paint. I had so far still with no varnish.


I find the color comes out on the nails slightly darker than one might expect from the bottle. It is a kind of purple taupe without shimmer or glitter. The varnish can be painted well, if you can handle the wide brush. I personally find the brushes great. The durability, however, has somewhat disappointed me. Already the second day I had despite Top Coat light tipwear, which worsened in the days after. What has never happened to me so far: I was able to remove the varnish partly from the nail! I give the paint therefore 2 out of 4 possible suns  and thus a “go so”. If you’re looking for a color and re-varnished the nails every few days, you can certainly try the “What’s my name?”. The price of just under € 1.60 is of course unbeatable. I will continue to use it, but only if I know that I want to paint again anyway.