Equalizer, to Configure How You Want It to Sound Your Android

We like to listen to music in our Android and so we have the freedom to choose the musical application that suits our needs. There are all kinds, from those that have a very nice interface, to which we use to listen to podcasts.

You have spoken often of the importance of the audio using the equalizer control, that is what is lacking in many of these applications, so it always, which we like, just staying hold by this gap. Thanks to Equalizer This problem will disappear, since with this application you will be able control how you want to be the sound to play your Android. Connect your headphones best because you’ll love.

Equalizer, sounding music

Equalizer It is an application that only serves to control the sound equalizer that issued your Android, so don’t expect an audio player, but that if you can control what sounds in the applications that you use yoursthef, so that you no longer have to dodge that application that you like because it doesn’t include the equalization. Is true that PowerAmp is a very good player that also includes equalizer, but some like to use other applications.

The interface the application is wthel suited to run in the mobile, by means of lateral displacement of their screens, but also on the tablet, where have all the control panthes in a single window. It must be said that the icons and their animations make this application very pleasant to use.

From the first screen (or left on the tablet) can choose any of the fixed settings According to the musical style. Is the option to automatically detect the style of music, but for that you will need to be wthel edited the ID3 of music style in music file and also the musical application that you use to be compatible with Equalizer, by the way the list is quite comprehensive.

In case outside little, also works wthel with music services such as Pandora streaming or Spotify among others. If you can not configure your own Equalization using their 5-band control, then you can save them and restore them, although this will only be available to the paid version.

At all times use a music test to find the best configuration or resorting to the own songs stored on your mobile. To make the most of the sound, when you have connected the headphones You can activate the VIRTUALIZER, the Bass Enhancer, or simulate the reververacion According to a certain ambiance.

Equalizer, conclusion

Needless to say that this application works perfectly without having rooted your device. For convenience can be send to desktop aliases of your settings or, if you like more visual flair, install the Widget you will see how you modify the equalizer bands.

The application free is fully functional, but it will not allow you some functions or make a backup of your settings. A big drawback is that it only works with Android 2.3 Gingerbread or higher, so many of you will you escape from your hands. This is because the API of equalization is not present in previous versions of Android.

If you spend this prerequisite, you can decide if the 1.49 EUR that slope full version you seem reasonable, though certainly is to many that you seek this type of improvements for your favorite music application.

Equalizer Version 2.2.1

  • Version of Android: Since 2.3
  • Devtheoper: Smart Android Apps, LLC
  • Download it in: Android Market
  • Price: free / €1,49
  • Category: Music