Epic Games Interested in Android

One of the major shortcomings that have Android front iOS games are, but it seems that this year all can change. Are developers who are encouraging to make their games for Android to see how every day grows this platform in potential customers increasingly.

Developers are gradually taking more facilities for programming in Android. Thanks to mobile phones with more power that are coming to the market and the tools that Google is offering to power programming directly in c/c++ with the Android NDK surely many dare in porting their games for iOS to Android.

In an interview with Slowdown.vg by Jay Wilbur, Vice President of Epic Games, talked about the development of mobile games, and as expected, mentioned to Android, where he gave his opinion about this operating system and plans for the future of your company.

During the interview he was asked when we were going to see their games on Android, and Jay Wilbur surprised to get a Samsung Galaxy S running the technical demo ‘Epic Citadel’. He merely reply that they have some developments for Android but that for now the priority is iOS and when they end up with projects that have in that platform consider removing them in Android.

Concerned about the fragmentation that respect to hardware, which considers it a serious problem. Not see with good eyes stores alternative applications that exist on Android, criticizing the little control that exist in applications, where it prefers tighter control, such as the Apple, which seems perfect.

We hope that this year the problems that Epic Games looks to develop Android disappear and are encourage to bring so soon Android is a good platform to play games such as ‘Infinity Blade’ or ‘Project Sword’.