Engagement Rings and Alliances

The year 2017 is almost here, and with it new stages of our life and new paths to take, and for many means commitments and marriages, decisions that are not taken lightly and less with any ring.

So we help you in this difficult decision to choose an engagement ring and wedding by showing you the trends that are hot now and that will continue to be valid for the coming year:

Engagement Rings


This style is the one that has imposed this year , and we are sure to continue leading the trend next year, as it is totally charming and different. There are two types, the  two-band interlacing  adorned on the road with diamonds or you can carry a stone as the center of attention. The two ways are always going to look beautiful.

Ring with halo

It is that these rings with halo are a sight to see. It is a central gem completely surrounded by small shiny stones, which will make you the focus of attention of any meeting. A perfect example is this  Pandora model, which we are sure will continue to trend for 2017 and many more years to come, because who can get tired of shining?

Colored gems

Yes, Colors! Being original is what is most fashionable. Do you always characterize yourself by being different, emphasizing and doing things your way? Why not show it in your engagement ring? And with colored stones you’re going to do just that. We found two options that will surely fall in love, one with a silver base and a large pink crystal gem, which works for that romantic woman but also likes to stand out from the pile. And the second are three beautiful blue sky crystals of different sizes, riding on a silver base that will make you feel safe and different.

Vintage style

For the romantic, dramatic, one that is always nostalgic for the past, but that should no longer be more because the vintage style engagement rings are back. Look at this model Pandora lace type that simply stands out among many.

As in nature:

This style is very organic, goes for a more natural look, with flowers, pearls and a fun design. If you are one of the girls who always likes to be in contact with nature, appreciates outdoor walks and a trip to the mountain is your ideal vacation these are for you, very chic, very fashionable and zen. What do you think of these two models? An engagement flower , made of diamonds in a white gold base of 18 carats, and a pearl wrapped zirconia in leaf forms.

The classic solitaire:

If it is a classic is for something, and is that having a solitary diamond never goes out of style. Whether it’s 1980, 2017 or 2050 you’ll look stylish, chic and stylish. We loved these Argyor pieces, you can even choose if you like them more with a yellowgold or white gold base . Both beautiful Do not you think?


With diamonds:

Now the wedding bands are super trendy that have some diamonds, even a small shine for the men’s is very well seen. It is that in such a special day you need some shine, and more shine to remember the many years to come. We found three models with very different beautiful diamonds each to suit any taste, the first alliance with a beautiful row of 17 diamonds in a flat platinum base, the second alliance is a bit more traditional 9-karat gold but a perfect detail Of a discreet diamond for people who prefer to be more moderate in their jewelry. And the thirdand final selection of alliances with diamonds, a very chic narrow platinum base with 5 diamonds.

Mix colors

Now you do not have to choose between silver and gold for your alliance. You can have both! This fashion looks great because the wedding ring should be versatile, which will lend itself to any occasion. And there are many models of this trend, here we show you two basic and perfect for day or night and for any type of oufit. Which do you like more the first or the second  of Argyor?

Textures and reliefs:

Have reliefs, different textures, grooves, different finishes and lots of designs ¡Be original! Do not be afraid to have a different alliance and out of the ordinary, ifwe are almost in 2017 we must celebrate it being how it causes you to be and showing your whole personality even in the wedding rings. We love the 18-caratgold alliance with triangular embossed patterns, white gold and 18-carat yellow gold with small vertical grooves, which also meets the earlier trend of mixing metals, and finally the white gold Turning with matt finish Do you like any of our selection?

It is a great decision to choose both rings, but remember that the most important thing is to have fun doing it and to feel 100% comfortable with what you choose, that is the key of everything . Which are the ones that go more with you?