End of Year at Mary Lady

Is near the end of the year and the scene repeats itself: women excited, bouncy for shopping, and men with aqueeela animation to go along in every store! Hahahahahahaha! Who is woman can understand the feelings, the emotions we feel when we leave for a “Shopping Day“, clarooo that with their credit card (preferably neh?!), as it does not help in shopping, then help pay for them. Just kidding boys painted a moment relaxing here on the blog! RS

The fact is that there’s no escape from reality, now the talk between us women revolves around new year’s Eve bashes: what am I going to go? What are you going to? Use brightness? Long or short? White or colored? Discreet or sexy? And so on a billion questions that plague our cabecinhas…ai there … how much suffering. But, always thinking of giving that hand to our readers, we went to the shop LADY MARIA, in Campo Grande/MS, after more into fashion for those who (for once!) left tuuudo to last minute, including the choice of looks! Just arrived news fresh and the store is options for those who want to enjoy Christmas, New Year or holidays with style and enter in with the wardrobe renovated! What woman doesn’t want that?!