Emporia Elegance in the Test

The minimalist of Emporia above shows with a spacious keyboard and a very own operating concept.

The elegance comes from the Austrian manufacturer Emporia, which provides senior-friendly cell phones for several years. The first generations were still quite chunky devices, attention was paid at the elegance to the look, without compromising usability.

The Emporia elegance is 109 mm long, slender fails and sits with its rounded back comfortably and securely in your hand. Processing is fine, the optics lives up to the name, help piano lacquer finish and metal buttons.

Emporia uses two-thirds of the front for a really big keyboard, that is completely up to the edge of the housing. The keys are close, but noticeably separated and good size. You must be already effort here to catch a wrong button. The white lettering is large and visible on the black keys. Only the chic, reflective piano lacquer case can complicate the readability a bit depending upon lighting conditions with reflections.

Through the large keypad, little room remains for the display. But despite the only 1.7 inch OLED display elegance brings to view very large fonts. And of the default font is not enough who can change in the settings menu on “Jumbo” font. The reflections are somewhat more clearly seen on the black background, as well as the fact that many menu or phone book entries are displayed not fully despite the wide display are what clouds the picture a little. Instead of abbreviations Emporia opts for tickers: selected menu items, which are cut back, moving slowly on the display.

Buttons instead of menu entries

The operation is well thought out and follows a unique concept. To avoid long menus, you can access many functions directly from dedicated page buttons. So own presser can be found both for the menu as well as the SMS function and the free speaker outside the device.

The clock and the lock be activated via small slide. In addition, there is a button that activates the small LED top on the housing and to an emergency flashlight makes the elegance. In addition, Emporia avoids softkeys can constantly change their function, but very confusing what beginners.

Without soft keys there isn’t also, but keep the two phone keys used in each menu level their importance: the green phone button is used to select a highlighted menu item, the red end call key returns always a level. The only weak point: the setting menu turns out to be a very long list of over 20 menu items. For the initial setup of the elegance, searches for the beginner to the most experienced mobile user or takes the detailed and clear operating instructions at hand.

As a special highlight, the elegance offers the ability to receive address book entries directly via SMS. The mobile receives an SMS with content #Name#Nummer#, a new address book entry is automatically created. So, dear relatives can enter their numbers from a distance in the address book.

Focusing on the essentials

The equipment is aligned on the calling and sending SMS messages. Otherwise, there is only an alarm clock, a birthday list, a calculator, as well as the mentioned LED. The risk that eh unused functions complicate the operation, is so incredibly low.

In the lab showed a relatively high power consumption. Applies here too: at low usage, the battery lasts over a week and Communicative can chat over five hours before the battery is flabby.

In terms of transmission and reception quality mobile to the level of Nokia’s is 1800, the elegance is quite early on in underserved areas. The sound could be more natural, but very loud. In the conversation partner, the phone sounds good. Who wants to really just make phone calls and send SMS, receives an extremely easy to use and yet stylish device.