Elegant Jumpsuits and Rompers

The elegant suit has become a must have this season but not only that, but how does the suit and how to match it to our body? Discover it with us!

Tired of the usual elegant dresses or skirts? Do not you like to wear a suit?

If you expect an important occasion, or just a special night but I do not like to wear the usual clothes or the usual trousers here is the alternative for you, the elegant suit.

1. How did Jumpsuit

The suit, also known jumpsuit born as men’s casual clothing or work , until a few years ago in fact, wore mainly paratroopers. The paratroopers suit was designed to isolate the body from very low temperatures due to the altitude.

Even the drivers still wear suits, aviators and astronauts use them to delay the fire and prevent abrasion in case of danger. Conversely for winter sports the suit serves to protect from the cold.

In short, the jumpsuit started life as a protective garment for the body of people who practiced very dangerous jobs.

2. The suit in Italy

In 1919, the Italian  Ernesto Michahelles  (aka  Thayaht ) draws the first jumpsuit and by the name of “Tuta”, the sponsor through the newspaper “The Nation”. His idea was that of a revolutionary leader , middle-class and practical anti: she wanted a dress is easier to achieve than to wear, that is a piece of cloth with trousers and integrated mesh, seven buttons and a belt at the waist. The plan did not go as he wanted and instead of being used as a garment every day became a fashionable garment for the high Florentine bourgeoisie .

It was Elsa Schiaparelli, Coco Chanel’s rival and with her ​​one of the most influential designers of the twentieth century, to give the turn to the suit. When the war began in 1939, the designer responded with blows of fashion, designing collections inspired by the war , using colors from the trenches, and for the first time creating a beautiful woman suit. It was green silk, with large pockets in the front, was designed for practical use in bunkers but more conceivable worn by women on the streets of Paris in underground shelters and full of soot.

During the war, however, the suit was not a great success and was soon forgotten, the designers also fled from Paris again because of the war and the fashion passed into the background.

3. Irene Galitzine and the”Palazzo Pijama”

In the 60s the suit came to the fore thanks to Irene Galitzine , and this time really took hold as a leader of high fashion, elegant and feminine.  Check Oxfordastronomy.com for trendy pregnant jumpsuits.

The Galitzine presented his first collection in Palazzo Pitti:  all are surprised by Pijama Palazzo , an exclusive garment, innovative and modern, which raises the elegant suits permanently. Immediately catches on in the fashion world, is photographed and spread to the global and star of the caliber of Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor and Jackie O begin to wear them, these suits were not only luxury but it is said they were also very comfortable.

4. The suit today

The elegant suit today has become a trend to which we can not give up. Besides being very comfortable you can wear in a variety of ways.

First of all the lies of different fabrics, silk, cotton, and according to the effect that we want to have, we can choose the most appropriate for us. They come with high waist belt, this model will enhance the waist and distract attention from the hips, making them look more slender.

If you have a lean physique without many forms you will need to focus attention at the top, or to highlight the neckline, maybe V and high life almost from under the breast. If you are not very high and you do not have long legs you can show off the short suit models, if the suit style is elegant casual will not be only for a length factor.

The variations are endless and the choice just as hard, you can bring it with long sleeves, short, sleeveless or bustier. There are also lace patterns that create the effect see-remaining very elegant and not seeming at all vulgar.

The more suitable and elegant color is black, but there are infinite color variations to choose from: in this period in particular are very pink salmon, warm and light colors, but on the catwalks there really suits any color, is up to you choose which one you prefer!