Effective and Simple Security Alarm

Here is a very effective and simple alarm. The compact cabinet contains both a motion sensor and a very powerful siren with volume at 130 dB.

Effective Security Alarm

Motion sensor has a range of 6 meters.

The alarm is very easy to use and install the hurigt without cables the PGA. Battery operation of both security alarm and remote control.

Predictive input lag, so starting and you can manage to get away from the alarm when it is enabled without the siren starts.

Provided with the wall mount bracket can be rotated.

Remote control included.

-130 dB siren

-Battery operation with 2 PCs AA batteries (not incl.)

-Feel the area: 6 meters.

-Sensor angle: 60 ° horizontal/30 ° vertical

-Operating Temperature: 0-40 ° c

-Sensor: infrared

-Output delay: 30 seconds

Input delay: 4 seconds

-Range of remote control: 10 meters.

Easy mounting and operation:

-Insert the batteries in the alarm

-Hang up or set the alarm on an elder

-Press the ON button on the remote control

-After the exit delay expired (30 sec.) is the alarm armed