Easily Decode Product Names Of LED Spots

After we have presented to you in the last week already various LED lamps, now the LED spots are the turn. The focus is on the many incomprehensible abbreviations in the product name of the LED spots. The Osram LED Superstar Par16 35 (25 °) GU10 5W and the Osram Parathom MR16 20 (36 °) Advandced GU5.3 5W are used as explanatory examples. Since many can not do much with the numbers and abbreviations in the article name, we would like to explain in detail the different information in this article.

The abbreviations GU10 and GU5.3 in the product name stand for two different base types. The “G” characterizes the spot as a socket and behind the letter “U” hides a special connection method between spot and socket. The figures behind the two letters indicate the pin spacing, the pin diameter also being different.
The equivalent for LED lamps is, for example, the common E27 socket (E=Edison socket).

MR16 and Par16, in turn, are two standard formats for the housings of the LED spots. MR stands for “multifaceted reflector”, PAR is the abbreviation for “parabolic aluminized reflector” and the two figures are for the spot diameter in eighth-inch (conversion: 1 inch=2.54cm). Ultimately, it is only standardized sizes for the spots.

The stand alone numbers, here 20 and 35, are the same as for LED lamps for the watts of the replaced halogen lamp. The Osram Parathom MR16 20 (36°) Advandced GU5.3 5W replaces a 20 watt halogen lamp and consumes even 5 watts.

At the end, the figures in brackets are still missing. These indicate the beam angle of the respective luminaire in degrees. The Osram LED Superstar Par16 35 (25°) GU10 5W illuminates the range at 25 degrees to it.

The illuminated area is generally small for spots, which makes it especially suitable for shop window or facade lighting.

So if you know a little about the abbreviations, you can already tell from the product name of the LED spots whether it is the right replacement for the old halogen lamp!