Earphones Phonak Audeo PFE 122

With each filter of Phonak Audeo PFE 122 (150 euro) sounded full of detail, neutral and pleasant – alive

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The PFE stands among this audience for “perfect fit earphones”. And the developers of Phonak properly serious. The hearing instrument manufacturer indicates the in-ears not only on the vitally important seat in the ear canal.

He attaches a box with different audio filters in addition to ear adapters in several sizes, more (black) or less (grey) low – and high-frequency to the ear let through. That is not only visually, but also measurable. With the black filters the headphones sounded clearly nice, less directly; the gray showed more mid-range and presence share acoustic and instrumentation.

With each filter by the way the PFE 122 sounded detail, neutral and pleasant – alive, but not excited. A listener with a rather fine, light, playful character.

Phonak Audeo PFE 122

Manufacturer Phonak Audeo
Price €150.00
Rating 70.0 points
Test procedure 1.0

Technical data and test results

Function principle dynamic
Weight 5.0
Accessories Audio filter box with 6 audio filters and changing tool, 3 pairs of ear adapters silicone, 1 pair foam adapters, cleaning tool, silicone cable guides, storage case
Connection plug Jack plug 3.5 mm
Measured values
Impedance 35.5 ohm
Efficiency 106.5 dB
Changeable audio filter for individual frequency response
On and insert the handset is slightly awkward
Review sound 70
Facilities Very good
Processing Very good
Sound judgment 70
tested in 6 / 10