Earphones Can Cause Hearing Loss

One of the greatest modern ills caused by technology, the hearing loss in young people does not stop growing.According to recent data, one in five teens has some degree of auditory problem, at least in the United States.

The biggest culprit?Headphones, which are responsible for exaggerated exposure to sound.The charge is from William Shapiro, a professor at New York University.According to him, the intra-auricular models (those small that are fixed to the “enter” in the ear) are the worse ones.This is because they get too close to the inner ear, generating a much greater pressure of sound.

This causes the cochlea and other components of the inner ear to be “stressed” too much and end up being damaged over time.This is what causes the early hearing loss due to the technology.

In the case of the in-ear headsets, small changes weigh:a change from 3 decibels (db) to 6 db, even though it is small in volume perception for those who are hearing something, it is already twice the intensity of sound if very close to the inner ear.

Prevent yourself!

Shapiro quotes three valuable tips so you do not get into the statistics.The first is to keep the volume at maximum at 60% – a warning that Android devices already do, for example.Also, do not overdo the dose and stay with the earphones for at most 1 hour per day.

The most recommended headphones are headphones with noise canceling technology.By isolating the user from the outer noises, they can be used in smaller volumes, since you do not have to put them at the maximum to focus only on what you are playing.TecMundo has already given some important tips on using this accessory and even suggestions for models for young audiences.