Drop for Speeding Fines with Your Smartphone [Tip]

Team go: This Danish app helps you to limit the move by police speed check.

A moment’s inattention behind the wheel can be both expensive and dangerous. The national police shall initiate therefore today a nationwide escalation of speed control. Do you hear for those who are a little too diligent with the accelerator pedal, the app can help you restrict the move of the permissible.

The app is called our site and gives you an overview of where Danish police sets up photo traps. The app takes advantage of your device’s GPS, and will give you a push notification when you are approaching a speed control.

The application takes advantage of data as users themselves generate. When a new speed control is set up, users can inform the app and thus warn each other about where police photo traps are in the game.

It would therefore not be any speed traps that will appear, and you must therefore constantly keep you in the permitted speed limit, but the app will so inform you about where you need to be particularly attentive with the accelerator.

With the Council for safe traffic is setting opposite the gossiping-app generally positive, writes our site. Studies from the Council for Safe Traffic points for that fear to get a fine get drivers to slow down for the move.

Our site is free and can be downloaded here for Android, iOS , or Windows Phone.