Dresses for the New Year

Tired of little black dresses? Do you want to blow the color for the 31? Here is a selection in colors and a few fashion tips.

Satin dresses (e.g. 3, 7, 20 and 24)

Dresses that have a fabric satiny Sheen already shine all alone as a lamppost. If you are in an evening big budget

(DJ’s, Gala and freeloaders), nothing prevents you to bring out the big guns with your wide range of reflectors jewelry. Otherwise, prefer a flowered headband in your hair, shoes of a neutral color and matte jewelry or a golden patina for example. It will be much more harmonious.

Sixties dresses (e.g. 8 and 17.)

These dresses are also very easily portable on a daily basis. Give them a touch of celebration, to a little abandon the sixties to seventies to draw some good ideas in the look of the muse Edie Sedgwick warholienne. Customary minimalist of the sixties and serial…. dresses, she wore them easily with a fur coat short (we prefer false), of the brilliant or small glitter ballerinas stilettos (there are in abundance this season), and earrings with dangling charms.

Purple dresses (e.g. 1., 15., and 21.)

The purple part of the color trends in the evening this season. In clothing and makeup, not easy however to wear to any sauce. On the side of morpho, she better suited to extremes, i.e. Brunettes or blondes polar, peroxydées. Not to miss, opt for black (tights, jackets…) and stay in the shades for shoes or fire totally bling-bling Gold if you’re addicted to glitter.