Dress Like a Work of Art

You want to be dressed like a work of art? If you agree to this idea not so unbelievable, am the guide.

Art and fashion are a few buddies like pigs. When it’s not the sculptor Sylvie Fleury, which reproduces a giant Chanel bag, it’s Yves Saint Laurent that stings the grounds of Mondrian’s paintings to make a dress.

Anyway, the one and the other are that influence, and some particularly rave languages tell even that the creators of Couture are modern artists. Except that instead of sticking their hands in the clay, they put them in the fabric.

The border between a designer and an artist is so up to a sewing thread. We stick the clothes in museums as well as a painting by Rembrandt, and some designers are even entering facilities that no longer have much to do with a parade.

In short, fashion is convenient, and contemporary art, it’s good. Especially that today ‘ today, anyone can go to his paw to try to become an artist in the same way as the main hero of Starmania.

So you can also become a work of art on a daily basis. To do this, simply discreetly copy what others are doing. Small tour of the style.

Roy Lichtenstein

In the field of Pop Art, he is no Andy Warhol silkscreened Marilyn who have a physiognomy to become a t-shirt. You probably know of Roy Lichtenstein, huge reproductions of boxes of comics.

In the 1960s, this American painter working a lot from comics: he reproduces them using basic colors (red-blue-yellow) and the “ben day”, these frames of mechanical impression.

Except that Roy Lichtenstein is a badass who did everything by hand painting and realize the dotted lines with perforated grids. His goal is to get a picture almost as smooth as advertising and as a baby’s butt.

In the comic, he particularly likes the effects of dynamism of violent scenes. Here “Whaam!” (1963) is an adaptation of the comic-book All American Men of War.

To get this super Americanized look, you have to bet on colors that pop and graphics of BD. Basically, the concept is to make a lot of noise visually and to be a little aggressive for the Peepers.

And if you ever want to push the delirium to the end of the brush, you can still get chickenpox for half tone skin in red and white.

Sleeveless denim jacket Jennyfer, €35.99-retro short skirt, H & M, € 17.95-striped leggings Look New, € 14.99-combined Zara Sandals, € 29.99-ring Pow! Forever 21, € 3.90-T-shirt White Pimkie, € 12.99-earrings Forever 21, € 3.90-Black tank top Pimkie, € 12.99.

François Morellet

Neon and random, these are a bit the two loves of François Morellet. Since the beginning of the 1960s, this french artist makes mumuse with l’ space and geometry to create abstract sculptures.

He thinks all his works ‘in situ’, in the framework of a particular place. It is also one of the founders of GRAV, the research of Visual art, including kif group is to do research on the movement, volume and structure, using contemporary materials, such as the blue neon tubing.

François Morellet hung, overlay them, or anime their reflection in the water, and BAM, this movement becomes what we call kinetic art. In « the Avalanche” (1996), the artist suspends its neon by nylon threads, so that they seem to scatter in a joyful Bazaar and stalactites which figure would break.

For Morellet lifestyle, I would have advised you a light dress, but I am afraid that not having the portfolio of Manu Chao and Louise Attaque bank account for this brilliant garment.

So, I’ll catch you on the effects of materials, with bright blue or iridescent clothes mixed with black, history of make you it bright.

Zippered pouch New Look, € 14.99-Sandals States San Marina, € 35,96-portfolio shirt Zara, €22.99-dress fringed Topshop, € 98-eye shadow Kiko, €5,90-long black skirt zipped New Look, €54.99-jacket Bershka, €14.99.

Annette Messenger

In the family of nostalgic, I wish Annette Messager. This French artist is a specialist facilities that resemble collections, made from stuffed animals, of animals, photos…

His thing in it (and not feathers) is the “individual mythology”, that is his source of inspiration is the “emotional” and so the memories of his own existence. But be careful, his universe is often not very happily.

Annette Messager is also interested in the status of women, she often criticized throughout his works. In ‘Wishes’ (1989), she accumulated analogue photographs in fashion kaleidoscope, like to try to reconstruct a body. You can see close-ups of mouth, knee, foot or hoofprint. The form of record of this little mess is called a tondo and comes from the Renaissance.

To look like a work of Annette Messager, no need to get naked and do the duckfaces in front of the camera. First degree, you can invest to death in black and white clothes and photographic print.

Clothes that pull the gray or black somewhat washed out are nickels for a vintage look and accessories with wire handle the craftsmanship.

Leather ballerinas Zara, € 29.99-leggings H & M, € 12.95-fringe necklaceStradivarius, €3.99-chiffon dress H & M, € 29.95-skirt effect faded New Look, €19.99-earrings peaks Bershka, € 6.99-T-shirt photo Bershka, €14.99-Top Polaroid Forever 21, € 12.75.

Lionel Esteve

The young kid of the selection was born in 1967, and it is kind of tricky. Lionel Estève is fragile, sculpture that starts to move with lightness, a bit like a butterfly of light but with more grace than Cindy Sander.

He likes also confront the colors between them, to create effects that make the magic in your eyes as well as the Carnival. The work above has the same blaze as the Abba song, « Dancing Queen ‘ (2009) It also clearly has the same purpose: to give the fishing and the banana.

It is almost 100% plastic, since Lionel Estève used of the styrene, paint and lozenges stickers to create some kind of vitamin swatches. It also reminds the flip-books, these mini-bouquins on which a drawing comes to life when you flip them very quickly.

To dressed you like Lionel Estève, put the package on the candy colors and play the contrast between smooth and stiff clothing. As if your beach outfit had met a full pixel computer screen and they did babies together.

To avoid looking like a giant Pack of jelly beans, you can mix all this with more palichonnes shades or colored white.

Tank top neon Pimkie, €8.99-flowered skirt New Look, € 12,50-glasses clear, € 9.95 -leggings pattern pixel Topshop, € 26-shirt tie and dye Jennyfer, €10-Tennis Berhska, € 27.99-Lot of bracelets, H & M, € 6.95-long skirt Forever 21, €21.75.

So, ready to competition the Mona Lisa even if your not really mysterious smile is signed Freedent?