Doro Doro Easy Phone 410gsm

The easy 410gsm phone meets also mobile radio newbies with special functions and a successful operation.

A blessing that the look is not as bulky as the name of the mobile phone. On the contrary: the easy phone, which comes in several colours, comes almost casual with his gaudy trim. And quickly revealed the advantages of folding design: it has a very large screen (2 inches) and offers a very fine resolution 176 x 220 pixel on top of that.

At the same time it brings a pleasantly large keyboard. The rubberized handle are clearly used and so generous that even large hands is hardly accessible also. According to big, also the white label has failed, which differentiates itself significantly from the black keys. In addition, keyboard and display are well protected in the closed state and acrobatic shortcut to lock the keyboard are not necessary.

The cell phone is properly processed, the hinge has a stable, only the battery cover can be loosened a bit too easily in our test device. An external screen is missing though, but two LEDs indicate at least a weak battery and messages.

Two soft keys and a two-way button with the menu list or phone book scroll will serve to control. The large display and the comparatively high display resolution ensure that on the one hand there is space for large fonts, and on the other, slightly smaller fonts for the caption of the softkeys are not too pixelated.

Also longer menu or phone book entries appear completely, because faster is more evident than in its competitors. In the test we have encountered at any point really small fonts and with the choice of a solid color, white background, the display is always easy to read.

Collapsible menu entries

The menu in the list view is clearly labeled and provided with clear icons. As a special highlight, the Doro offers the possibility to hide menu items, you do not need anyway, just easy phone. This can be set in the Setup menu, where still some inconsistencies to be found. So, the corresponding menu item means something cryptic “Blockfkt.”, and the settings for the display, about for the background image or the illumination duration, can be found under “User”. Also, the settings menu 14 entries withdraws–almost three lengths of display, which you scroll through must, to look at all points.

This is partly due to comparatively large facilities. Thus, the Doro offers easy phone Bluetooth. MMS message can be received by mobile phone, there is also an FM radio that can be operated with the included stereo headset. The features also include an alarm, which works even when unit is turned off, as well as a calculator, a simple calendar and two games.

Security provides the emergency call key on the back, which is disabled in the delivery State on request. In the settings several numbers can be defined, which are successively called at pressing the emergency button, until the call is answered. One it must be however aware: In the worst case, a mailbox will answer the call. Either the mobile sent a SMS to a specified number. Who uses the emergency call function, should be careful also when storing the cell phones. Because the button is recessed somewhat into the housing, but responds to gentle pressure. In tight pockets, a false alarm can be raised here.

Good reception

The mobile section properly in the laboratory. The power consumption is higher than current devices usual, yet who every day to the mobile access, comes with one battery charge over a week.

The sound on the phone is somewhat artificial, for it but very noisy – as well as the ringtones. The reception proved to be very good and so is the mobile phone for use in more underserved areas.

A solid and easy to use on the setting menu phone succeeded Doro, provides also a good keyboard and a clear display.