Dolphin Therapy in Pregnancy

Prenatal stimulation is a subject to which the pregnant mothers are very sensitized. All want to offer their babies the best for optimal development. That is why come to music therapy, dance or, in this eye-catching case, Dolphin therapy in pregnancy.

In this video we can see what the Dolphin therapy for pregnant women. Explains the sound waves of the dolphins also can be used as a prenatal treatment to stimulate the nervous system in babies within his mother’s womb. A reporter dared to use this technique, in her own pregnancy, checking the answers and the benefit that produce these tender animals for her child and for herself.

I do not is if these things are necessary. You have peace, talk to your baby, give gentle massages in the gut and do activities in which the sound and the movement be welcome and come to the child believe that they are sufficient. But to be honest, I’m dying of envy. I also want this when you are pregnant.