Do You Want An in-Ear Earphone?

For those looking for a sound-insulated but not so uncomfortable headset, models of the in-ear type may be the right choice.Small and lightweight, models that fit the ear canal also have the advantage of being more discreet than those that surround the entire ear.

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Check out a selection of some of the best headphones for sale in Brazil.See models aimed at those who do not want to spend much and also those for anyone to fault.Intra-headsets are ideal for anyone who wants to get rid of the noise of the environment without drawing much attention and without disturbing other people even when listening to loud music.

My black phone

Just arrived in Brazil, Mi Mi Fone Preto from Xiaomi has the main attributes of price and durability.With cable made of kevlar fiber and differentiated design for better adjustment in the auditory canal, the model also brings in the cable microphone and control for smartphone.

The Xiaomi accessory features 32 ohms impedance, 98 dB sensitivity and 20Hz-20KHz response frequency.The price is $ 39.90.

Philips SHE3590

When it comes to value for money, the SHE3590 is always one of the most remembered.Costing around $ 40, the model brings out the compact design and balance between bass, mid and treble.It has 16 ohms impedance, 102 dB sensitivity and 12Hz-23KHz frequency response.


Model in the range of $ 50, the Sony MDR-EX15LP is also one of the most suitable for those who do not want to spend too much.Weighing only 3g, it features the good acoustic insulation and the gold plated connector.The model features 16 ohms impedance, 100 dB sensitivity and 8Hz-22KHz frequency response.

Philips SHE8000

Costing about $ 70, the SHE8000 has the sound insulation as a highlight. The model has cable with anti-winding system, air outlet on the drives for a better bass and gold plated connector.The Phips handset features 16 ohms impedance, 102 dB sensitivity and 8Hz-24KHz frequency response.

Audio-Technica ATH-CLR100

Audio-Technica’s entry-level model, recognized by audiologists worldwide, brings discretion as its main attribute.Costing about $ 70, the handset features 16 ohms of impedance, sensitivity of 103 db and 20Hz-25KHz of frequency of response.

Koss Path

Another model priced at around $ 100, the Koss Path – or Pathfinder – is one of the best options more in account for those who like serious more full-bodied.The accessory features 16 ohms impedance, 112 dB sensitivity and 10Hz-20KHz frequency response.

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In the range of R $ 150, the JBL T280A brings as highlight the quality of the material used.The model features aluminum-made drives, a smartphone-compatible cable control and a carry case.It has 16 ohms of impedance, 108 db of sensitivity and 20Hz-20KHz of frequency of response.

Sennheiser CX200 II

Can be found for around $ 180, this Sennheiser model is an option for those who like the most discreet accessories.The CX200 II provides comfort and does not make ugly audio quality because it has 16 ohms of impedance, 110 dB of sensitivity and 20Hz-20KHz of frequency of response.

Sony SBH20

Sony’s wireless model brings technology as a differential.The accessory can connect to the smartphone via NFC or Bluetooth, the model features 100.5 db sensitivity, 18 ohms impedance, 20Hz-20KHz response frequency and battery life of up to 6hrs.The price is around $ 200 and your review can be seen here .

Shure SE215

For those looking to climb up on quality, Shure offers some models in Brazil for those who are willing to invest high.The Shure SE215 is the first in a professional line of the company and brings as main characteristics comfort, sound insulation and durability.The SE215 brings 17 ohms of impedance, 107 dB of sensitivity and 22Hz-17.5KHz of frequency of response.The price in Brazil is around R $ 600.

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