Do Not Reward the Pet by Wrong Behaviors

Posted by Raquel Bersano in Oct 2013-07

The dog took your slippers and ran away? Know that, running after him, rather than have a punitive effect, can give him something he really search: your attention!

The lectures should prevent the wrong behaviors and not to punish the dog for doing something. It is important that they are given the right moment–late-reprimands, and do not startle, hurt or people traumatize her the dog.

In practice

-Don’t hit the teachings. Patience, coupled with gradual training, ensures a more successful training.

-Teach the concept of not for your dog, to facilitate the training. Place a piece of snack on the floor and every time the dog trying to catch him, stop, holding it by the Guide, making a barrier by hand or using a spray bottle and talking. Repeat the training and, if the dog quit stealing snack, reward him with another piece. So, he will understand that when you say no, he should stop what you’re doing.

-Use of schedule presentation to wrong behaviour in the environment, such as destroying furniture, gardens, food theft. Are effective, because the dog associates the scolding. Example: every time the dog approaching a mobile to gnaw it, make a noise with a Tin rattle, to stop the behavior. Do this every time and give many toys so that the dog has what to do.

-Teach several commands and, instead of waiting for the dog to do something wrong, how to jump in visits, ask the command before – “sit”, for example. It is better to teach something new and rewarding the dog for good behavior, because, in this way, he learns better and faster.