Discomfort of Developers Android Due to The Delay of Monthly Payment for Sales in Play Google

Paying 30% of the benefits of the sale of applications in Google Play Google, it is not normal that there is a support service to resolve the question of pending payments developers for Android applications. This month seems quite complicated for developers, at least Europeans, that sell applications on Android Since Google is has delayed in their regular day 2 monthly payments. Today even revenues have not been received for the sale of applications.

Numerous threads in the official Android developers forums show upset the situation and, especially the lack of a consistent service. Or email contact is not available a personal attention and far less a direct phone number, simply a contact form from which are not receiving any response.

This delay can not be blamed in any case to update the platform Android Market going to be Google Play, since that change of architecture should never affect the business layer where really many companies and developers move enough money per month. Either Google Checkout that has become Google Wallet offer a pitiful support service automated showing its key shortcomings before these incidents in the service.