Dior ‘Electric Tropics’ – 5 Couleurs Eyeshadow Palette – “Rosy Tan”

Continue with my second favorite product from the upcoming summer collection “Electric Tropics’ by Dior – the eye shadow palette in the darker nuance,”rosy Tan”.

The packaging:
Here too, the range is yet in a dark blue velvet pouch with embossed CD logo. Because it is not relevant, it is not in the photo. I would mention but again, like in the last post, how practically I find this bag for travel, mainly because the pallets and boxes are very vulnerable – especially when fingerprints… Therefore, I have touched the things all only with gloves as I photographed them.

The range itself is dark blue with the Dior logo. If you move it the light one sees in the background of the great ‘CD’ in lighter blue (for Christian Dior) – a holographic effect. Very pretty! Below, it is again marked with product name and co. and inside is again a compulsory level and the wonderful content.

Only drawback – and that I fault on any high-quality range: the foam applicators! I wonder new, every time on it what is talking about. Because you’ll pay a bunch of money for a range and then lumpy applicators are inside! Over 50,-€, you would think that at least small brush in it would be, but obviously the no high end get brand (except at Bobbi Brown, MAC, and Guerlain, because I’ve seen already which – how it looks to others, I don’t know but at least no other brand comes to mind, that puts at least half-half brush applicator in their palettes). This gives a small deduction for the value for money of course, but an applicator is after all better than nothing on travel…

The eyeshadow:
Range is 5 Couleurs one, so are – who would have thought it? -five colors that harmonize with each other. Three suggestions for how you can make-up the eyes are on an attached piece of paper, but you can of course arbitrarily with each other “mix”.

6 g contained, after opening (official) 6 months shelf life. Price: €54,-.

The colors:
In the palette, you can find 3 shades of Brown – bottom right a quite neutral, lighter Brown with slight pink tint which is suitable for priming, or the movable lid especially for it. Left below is a rather metallic brown tone, which is super for the eyelid crease. Top right is the darkest brown tone that comes when applying light in the violet – this is suitable also for the crease, or even to the edge of the eye. Top left is a pink tone, which I’m still not so sure, as I will use it, but I think he is like the Brown bottom right quite well suitable for priming, or one uses him to set color highlights. In the middle is the highlighter tone, for under the eyebrow or other points of light will be at the eye makeup.

I’ve already melted a makeup with the all the shades:

While I’m wearing the brightest brown tone on the movable lid, the darkest Brown in the crease and on the lower lashes, I have applied the medium brown tone over the eyelid crease to the off soften and the highlighter under the brow. In the angles, I have applied a little bit of the pink shade, you can see this on the big screen with the closed eyes quite well.

The result / texture:
The Eyeshadows are great, the texture is very nice to work. As you can see, the colors are well pigmented and can be great to apply, the result is also pretty strong nest dazzle and from soft. I need not say more, except for: perfect.

My conclusion:

Also I don’t get out of here from the swarms, if I not pull me together. I have tried of course to write the review, as neutral as possible but in my conclusion, I must just say it:I’m absolutely blown away – this is the best range, by far!, that I have ever had.
The colors are beautiful, the quality is absolutely top, the result can be really seen. Single point of complaining: the applicators. What a pity.
It is of course a price question again – €54,-are definitely among the high price range and are drawn not just from the bag. Who can afford it, should allow the range not to be missed. I find it even better than the other range since it offers more contrast and would recommend this range at any time.
Who wants a great range for day and evening so instead of loud single eyeshadow rather immediately, should be look at this range at least at the store and up if necessary with this make-up. Maybe she convinced you Yes just like me – with the colors you can’t go that wrong nothing my opinion and especially in green, Brown, and green-brown eyes she is really great.