Different Pregnant Bellies

Baby bellies can not be more different.

The fitness model Chontel Duncan currently shows us with a stunning photo can look how different the bellies of pregnant women. Because after all our bodies are all different! The former
‘ Miss Universe ‘-finalist Chontel is in the recording in their 21st week of pregnancy – her friend, who confronts her in the 25th week of pregnancy. And yet the differences are incredible!

While Chontel no sign of a baby bump watch, the belly of her friend already seemingly bursting at seams. How can that be?

“We have found out that we are only 4 weeks apart”, Writes Chontel under the picture on Facebook. “Our little ones will be same age, attend the same school and maybe best friends. (…) Every woman has her baby differently and that doesn’t quite sure that someone does something wrong or unhealthy lives. We both have healthy babies in us to grow up and experience great pregnancies so far.”

The photo is already a few months old and now is the fitness model in the 37th week. On her Facebook page , she regularly posts updates her pregnancy.

Chontel does not look like a “normal” pregnant women really doing. Instead, only a tender, kugelrundes tummy from her rock hard six pack stands out. And also less than 3 weeks prior to their delivery she pervades her impressive sports program, because for them it is important to be at the birth of their first child in tip-top shape.

Update: The babies are here!

About six weeks ago, Chontel brought a healthy little boy in the world, the son of her friend was born a few weeks earlier.Now, the two have met to the re-recording of their pregnancy belly photos and we see: both have brought a healthy baby despite different pregnancy bellies to the world.

There, one can only congratulate two women!

But what do you think about Chontel and her unusual pregnancy?