Difference between an Exercise Mat and a Yoga Mat

What difference is there between a yoga mat and a yoga mat?

Dear Followers yogis, yes, there is more! Choose and discover below their variants. Their common ground is that these two accessories are essential for the practice of yoga. Both are floor mats yoga to your standing or sitting exercises. But you-a-tone spoke of their real differences? Why carpets and why mat? Read more …

What is a yoga mat?

The mat for yoga is made of textile material such as cotton, fiber naturell of art, environmentally friendly. A mat recalls the style rug, mat, Indian area rug 100% cotton, sisal, … It is easily rollable, foldable. It can even be used in carpet interior design as yoga mats have the peculiarity of being trend, design or with a very neutral look rendering natural and organic.

What’s a yoga mat?

A mat for yoga will be in the spirit of gym mats or sports mats. This accessory corresponds to all forms of yoga; especially those that require the sequence of standing postures.

Once you standing asanas, your carpet must meet certain requirements for your safety as a level of power slip, an ability to offset the impacts of vibrations up the ground to relieve your joints.

Your yoga mat must meet a minimum of 4mm thickness: the standard! Below, you isolate your carpet bad soil and will be less effective to cushion you in your yoga exercises. Attention to attractive prices!They often hide rugs extraordinary to practice well: either below a thickness of 4mm or less than the dimensions 1.83mx 60cm in width and length!

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