Diastasis after Pregnancy

The vertical muscles of the abdominal wall, called “muscles”, are separated during pregnancy to make room for the uterus. This separation of the abdominal muscles is called diastasis and it is common in pregnancy, especially in women who have already had several children.

Muscle separation alters the appearance of the abdomen, which acquires large volume in post-partum, since muscles not joined spontaneously. But attention, because some poorly made or intense exercises after childbirth could cause a worsening of this diastasis.

And it is not only an aesthetic problem, since diastasis causes a displacement of internal organs and can lead to women suffering discomfort in the lumbar, pelvic floor weakness, digestion…

In the majority of cases, diastasis recti usually heals spontaneously, Although it lasts quite a while when women give birth. But the recovery will be more or less slow depending on each person wearing sleepwear via medicinelearners.com.

Exercise can help to improve the condition, but the abdominal classics are contraindicated at the beginning. In some cases, an umbilical hernia can occur.

If you have pain, it may be necessary to surgery, this is what tells us the video, although not says that there are other solutions to the alternatives to surgery diastasis, that would be necessary only in extreme cases of diastasis (with hernia…).

We leave here the link to another video that points out how the diagnosis is made. It is best that you consult your gynaecologist or midwife, or go to a physiotherapist who advise you how to achieve the closure of abdominal muscles without aggravating diastasis after pregnancy.