Designer Shower Bathrooms

The shower occupies a prominent place in a bathroom. However, there are many models with different features. Italian shower, hydromassage shower, steam shower… What type of shower choose according to your desires and the implementation of your bathroom? Answers to your questions are in our special feature, so that you can finally acquire the shower of your dreams!

Install a shower allows an optimal space-saving in a bathroom but also ensures a low consumption of water, in comparison to a bath.


In this case “special shower”, we deliver so all of the solutions in order to choose the most suitable for your bathroom shower according to its configuration. You can also check, if you are a handyman strand, all the techniques to install your shower without having to involve a professional.

Shower Cabins

Angle shower, shower, shower… Because choose his shower cabin is not neglect, we’re also introducing latest trends showers. There is something for all tastes and all types of configuration of bathrooms! Moreover, do not miss the hot shower concept in which the heating is directly integrated in the glass walls of the walk in shower for more comfort. Here anylistintheus has compiled a list of tips to choose the model that will suit your needs but also your budget.

The Walk-In Shower

If it’s the real shower Italian you trying for his aesthetic and practical sides, then check out all of our inspirations found in bathroom planningspecialists. You will find that this open shower can take all styles and is opposed to constraint of room configuration. You will undoubtedly find the shower Italian who adapt best to your taste and your bathroom space.And we offer you even a few walls of your shower decorating ideas. This, if you start to decorate them.

Other types of shower

See also appointed showers in an original way, as the shower installed in a closet or shower designed for showering two way collective shower, that might inspire you for the future development of bathroom.

Finally the comfort of the shower also passes by the lighting of the bathroom. Our dedicated folder will specify you what safety standards and the type of lighting to adopt.