Dell Streak

Dell’s streak is more than just a WebPad thanks to mobile radio module. How well is the Android computer as Smartphone?

First you think, it is definitely too large for telephoning”, wrote reader B. Schuster,” what gives itself but after a short time, because the other qualities are beyond any doubt. ” Thus, Mr. Schuster speaks connect from the soul. Dell even advised in advance of testing the streak as a Smartphone, for that he is simply not built. But sometimes it is a small compromise to alienate a device to its original purpose, as two optimized devices. And we make that easy now.

The Dell streak as a phone

Where the Dell Streak is different from other smartphones, is more or less obvious. He is 9 mm wider than the widest so far Smartphone with 79 millimetres and with 220 grams, he weighs more than the currently most severe Smartphone in the connect list 40 grams. Even if the streak as a WebPad belongs to the most compact representatives – as phone its kind he is a giant.

However, holding in his hand the tester could him quite also for longer conversations. Sonically, the frequency response measurements confirm the already in the practice test in connect 10/10 expressed impression that lacks a little height. But this is bleating at a high level, also other well-known smartphones not better sound.

And with regard to the transmission and reception quality in GSM and UMTS networks, unequalled even in the Smartphone store the Dell. If here, the larger housing is possible in the design of antennas to work closer to the optimum is. In any case the radio measurements the Smartphone newbie Dell issue a certificate of excellent.

Also the talk time can look especially in the GSM network commonly used for telephone calls: over 8 hours can be spoken in the D – and E network. Here, a big battery with appropriate 1530 Mah and the fact that during the telephone conversation the large 5-inch screen is not used, benefit the Dell Streak. In measurement and calculation of typical endurance is also the operation with the display, here is the Dell Streak with just under six hours in the middle of current smartphones.

Looking forward to the update

Warendie not yet available at the time of the test 2 versions of Android. 2.1 to come in Germany in October, follow 2.2 in November. But also Android 1.6 made it a better figure than on many other Web tablets, which we could test this version on the streak. This is among other things on display, that a very good window to the Internet creates resolution together with the powerful browser with 800 x 480 pixels. The streak is more than big, WebPad standards but still small for a Smartphone.

But thanks to capacitive touchscreen, it detects each contact reliably; the relatively low mass do not become the stumbling block. Also the fast reaction speed contributes to the feeling of the user at any time to be master of his streak, which provides the of the visual feedback necessary for the safe operation. Here, the fast 1 gigahertz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor pays out clock frequency. Although there is no lack of speed, the streak with 2 versions of Android should place even once, because these are resource-saving programmed.

The streak by the built-in telephone interface secures another advantage of over other Android 1.X Web tablets. As a cell phone customer with data option’s SURFs up so even away from accessible Wi-Fi networks very comfortable. Fast HSPA network 7.2 Mbit / s are gross maximum download and 5.76 Mbit / s in the upload can be reached. In addition, the presence of a telephone interface ensures also the access to the Android market. Because this can be realized only on devices that meet certain hardware requirements; Therefore, it is guaranteed that you install an application in the appropriate environment.

Two birds with one stone

Even if Dell sees the streak as a WebPad – and he is certainly a good tablets – he is also a good Smartphone despite its size. Who don’t want to be with two devices on the road, gets a great symbiosis of both worlds with the streak. That puts into perspective the price high at first glance.