Dell Mini 5… Dell ‘iPad’

After the world upheaval caused by the release of the iPad, Dell grandee in a stealthy way to remove its particular interpretation of the tablet/MID. Apple has created an iPhone larger but very similar to the original performance.

Criticism of the lack of camera, 3G (not on all models), flash support, external storage, connectivity, and multitasking did not wait for his detractors. But it is true that the iPhone phone was a poor in hardware on bumpers of range of other companies, and triumphed for its fantastic interface. It is expected the iPad to follow that trail and conquer the world by its ease of use rather than at the level of hardware capabilities.

Dell bets on Android in your team of 5 inches. An Android optimized and customized for the occasion, with larger icons and moved by a 1 GHz Snapdragon processor. Support 3G data and calls to all the Android Market applications at your disposal.

All stored in its two slots for micro SD cards. This mini Table looks good, and Android is very manageable and fluid, without reaching the levels of the Apple system but following in their wake to good rhythm, nothing to do with the clumsy WIndows Mobile in any of its versions.

The success of these devices, as always, will come given by possible grants of the operators. Apple and iPad think that they come from the hand of Movistar. It will take the Legion of iPad Killers coming to see if they enjoy the blessing of any operator to be subsidized.

The most curious thing about this situation is that none is available for sale, but they are waking up a spectacular cloud of dust in the mobile internet world. Mobile flat rates eventually replacing fixed, as well as lines that is happening with the phone, but this process will take quite a few years that the replace the subscriber loop by GSM signals.

We leave you with a video in which take a brief look at the new device from Dell coming this spring.