Decorating With Black Walls

The use of black wall decor is not something common, after all, people feel afraid to decorate with a dark finish and end up choosing light colors, neutral and easy to combine. However, black is able to let the look of custom environment and renew the perceptions of residents.

Decorating With Black Walls

Black on House decoration

The black colour triumphs in the decoration because she’s responsible for letting the more sober environment, chic and daring. It indicates power, mystery and protection. Using too much of black leaves the room with a tense atmosphere and affects the behavior of residents, causing isolation or fear of change.

When used sparingly, according to Craftinlearning, the Black color enhances the room, enhancing the atmosphere of sophistication and sobriety. The dark tone and neutral is somewhat provocative, but it sure helps with a more daring and elegant proposal to decorate the interior of the residence.

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On the other hand, when black appears in excess in decoration, the residential environments become divisions typical of the Adams family home. To avoid a gloomy, sad and too serious, it is important to quantitate using black and aliyah it other colors.

Black can be included in the decoration through furniture, objects or finishes. However, an interesting way to work with the color, is adding a black wall, which will function as a distinctive element, luxurious and exclusive.

Tips for decorating with black walls

Instead of painting all the walls in black, the resident can opt for the use of color in just one part. With matte or satin paint, he has freedom to create a Panel in the environment, favoring a proposal for urban decoration and elegant. Black is typically a wildcard element to decorate, as it combines with any other color.

The black wall can become more vivid in decoration when ornamented. Fixing frames with warm colours, for example, is a way to break away from the monotony of the dark finish. It is also worth decorating with texture Panel, black lacquer, adhesives or wallpaper. Other materials can be used in the finish, as glass and leather pads.

If an environment has one or two walls in black color, it is important to choose furniture and accessories that create a contrast in the decoration, favoring the balance and harmony.

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