“Deconstructing” The Nexus One

As it has done with other equipment company iSuppli It seems that he has entertained in “autopsy” to a Nexus One brand new and assess what in English is called Bill of Materials (BOM). Because according to their numbers the pottery included in the equipment has a value of 174,15 dollars. As we say is valued only the price of materials excluding manufacturing, packing, accessories, etc..

Says the team of iSuppli They have not found any surprises in terms of the components being all known. If you are running it is the first time that combined found them in a single device.


The Nexus One as archisabido is equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon with a clock speed of 1 GHz. This processor is already known for example in the Toshiba TG01 giving even better performance with Android.

The value of the processor is estimated at about $30 and is by far the greater cost of the equipment component. Qualcomm also manufactures chips that manage the radio and power consumption, which led him to supply 20 percent of the value of the Bill of materials of the Nexus.

AMOLED screen

3.7-inch screen of the Nexus One It promises us against traditional displays a wider range of colors, faster response time, lower consumption and lower thickness.

In this case the supplier is Samsung Mobile Display and your estimated cost is $23.70.

Unibody enclosure

We don’t have in this case valuation of housing but iSuppli It aims to be very well built being the first smartphone that analyze this type of housing… after the iPhone.

Dual microphone

Technologically one of the novelties of the Nexus One It was the double microphone with noise cancellation system. To implement this function is used a chip specialist company audio processing Audience Semiconductor. For iSuppli is a novelty in its analysis found a product from this company.

Memory of the Nexus One

Playing with the capability of expansion with MicroSD card memory is low compared to other equivalent phones. The cost is $ 20.4 will stop to Samsung Semiconductor.

Touch capabilities

Synaptics It supplies the Assembly that manages the touch screen whose value is estimated around $ 17.5.