Danske Bank: We Examine Again the Safety

The Swedish data supervision does not believe that security is good enough at Danske Bank’s mobile banking. They examine the now again.

The Danish users of Danske Bank’s Mobile Bank application using the same platform as the Swedish data protection is concerned for the safety of. It confirms the Kenni Leth, Chief press officer of Danske Bank’s Danish branch.

-“To use his social security number and a personal code to log in. It is a solution, as a great many other banks also use. First, transactions and transfers, we must use its easy-id, “says Mitchel Leth told Ritzau. 

This system allows the user to run the risk that personal information ends up in different hands, since it is possible to view a range of personal information relating to accounts, etc..

Data inspection has given Danish Bank the possibility to come up with another solution to the problem within a year, which Danske Bank now working on.

-“We have ongoing reflection on how we can improve security. Now, we look at the concerns expressed by the Swedish data supervision has, and what we can do better, “he added.

In addition to it, so will the Danske Bank also take a dialogue with the Danish authorities.