Dangers of Smoking after Week 15 of Pregnancy

New research results in the damages of smoking during pregnancy, especially if still smoking after week 15 gestation.

Most likely dangers to which the pregnant smoker is exposed are premature delivery or a baby smaller than normal.

This study involved 2,500 Australian and New Zealand pregnant women who were in the 15th week of pregnancy. These were divided into three groups: non-smokers, those who had quit smoking before the 15th week and smokers.

The results showed that, in relation to the rate of preterm birth, there was no significant differences between those who had quit smoking before the 15th week of pregnancy and those who do not smoke.

On the other hand, this risk was most notable in the case of smokers, and the same thing happened with the size of the newborn child in the case of smokers.

Another of the study’s conclusions is that smokers were identified with a profile that made them more likely to be single mothers, with less training, unemployed, on above or below its weight ideal and more likely to abuse alcohol.

The study has been published in the “British Medical Journal” and conducted by researchers at the University of Auckland, in New Zealand.

In any case, as we always remember, it is better than smoking stop it already from when he started thinking about the idea of conceiving A baby with maternity sweaters.