D-JAYS Earphones: Analysis

Long time had me wanting to try first-person one of headphones on the market that promise to reduce the outside noise to offer a much more full experience listening to music, so we don’t have to increase the loudness of the audio player and so take care of our ears and reduce battery consumption.

Electronicsencyclopedia.com has tested the d-JAYS earphones, which are available in white and black for 80 euros.

Package includes: earphones, extension headphone 0.90 meters, four capsules of different sizes, four replacement filters and manual.

As for the headphones itself, the original cable has a length of 60 cm, weighs 13 grams, they provide a frequency response of 20 Hz – 20 KHz, sensitivity of 115dB SPL @ 1 kHz and 40 Ohm @ 1 kHz impedance.

Once chosen the capsule that is better suited to my ear Pavilion, the rest was to find a pair of headphones with which to compare the new d-JAYS and a quality player. For the latter the chosen was a Samsung YP-K5 and how headphones Guinea Pigs selected which leads the series, a hands-free Nokia iPod and own the K5, which boast, and rightly so, of great audio quality, especially at low frequencies.

As well, with a couple of various topics, I found that actually JAYS Sound Isolating System outside sound reduction system worked, thanks in part to the capsule adapted to each Pavilion and preventing sound from entering the ear. In fact, without audio, insulation offering these headphones is superior to any other we tested. That put them well Yes, costs at the beginning a bit.

In matters of sound quality, improvement in bass and treble is appreciably better than with the other teams.

Positive aspects:

  • Capsules of different sizes and washable.
  • Extension cable.
  • Weight and comfort.

To improve:

  • High price.