Customized Sandals

We’re in the middle of Spring and temperatures tend to increase until the summer. To face the heat of the tropics with elegance, nothing better than walking around with a fresh pair of sandals. To change the face of sandals, how about letting them with a different look, using the techniques of customization? Numerous videos available on Youtube, bring step by step instructions to make a beautiful custom handmade sandals, using cheap materials and very easy to be found. In this way, it is possible to mount a small Studio in your own home and start creating your own custom handmade sandals. With practice and time, your creations will be so well made, which could make Sandals to give and even selling, earning a little extra money, always welcome, especially with the proximity of Christmas and the holidays, occasions that always occur overspending.

The craft school offers several videos Bijoux, Bella walkthrough on Youtube that teach how to make handmade and customized way sandals. Check out the classes at this link:our site.

For those who live in the capital of Pará, is possible to monitor classroom on Bella Bijoux, which can also be of great value, especially for beginners because it can clarify all your doubts during the preparation of the pieces. The contact telephone number is:(91) 3222-3351. You can also contact us through the website: another instruction step by step simple and easy to do a custom handmade sandals are in the Blog Network, which explains why craft very didactic and with pictures, how to turn a simple sandal platform heels with a custom air and setentinha style, the main trend for summer 2012.

The customization of the sandal is similar to the technique of decoupage on wood, since the designs used were taken from napkins intended for this technique. The materials are easy to be found, usually specialized in crafts stores or DIY rely on these products in stock. You can vary the colors and figures for your sandal leave even more customized. The beautiful step-by-step Blog sandal Crafts on the net is available at the following link:our site according to SHOESESPECIALLY.

The Creative Woman blog also posted a tutorial with step by step to customize a rubber sandal, the Hawaiian style. Thus, a basic white slippers there is with more sophisticated and, if you choose a floral print, footwear is in the height of fashion. By following the step-by-step photos and using the correct materials, can you elaborate exclusive models to parade around, give away for Christmas and to sell. Check out the step by step instructions to make a custom handmade sandals at the following link:our site.